Idan Shnall

VP of SEO and Paid Advertising

With over 20 years of search marketing and advertising experience, Idan is an expert in all things SEO and paid media. With an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn and grow, Idan is always seeking out new strategies, concepts, and ideas to keep his team on the cutting edge of search and paid marketing.

Originally from Israel, Idan studied computer science at the University of Texas prior to entering the world of marketing, and he still has a knack for technology and data. Zen Media’s B2B tech focus serves Idan well, as he’s able to merge his background in tech and data analysis with his marketing expertise.

Highly collaborative and always open to new ideas, Idan leads his team of SEO and paid ad experts with a focus on using data and experimentation to build unstoppable campaigns that surpass standard benchmarks.

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