7 Tips for Making Your Company’s Facebook Page Stand Out

You spend a lot of time and money making sure that your company’s website is just right, don’t you? The design, the logo, the content…  Everything about it needs to project the spirit of your business, so you want to make sure you get it exactly right.

But when it comes to this careful customization of online assets, many businesses stop there. When they set up their social media profiles and pages, they spend much less time and effort on making them something special, as well. They’ll set them up with a picture or two initially and then post every once in a while. But their social media accounts don’t reflect their companies nearly as well as they could, because of that lack of care and customization.

So how can you make sure that your social media pages continue the branding efforts you’ve begun on your website? By crafting them carefully to stand out from the crowd. Last week, we discussed some ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out; today, we’ll be discussing how to create a unique Facebook page for your business.

1. First of all, provide every last tidbit of information about your business. This may seem obvious, but precisely because of that, it can be easy to overlook. Fill out every single piece of info Facebook asks for on your page – description, email, phone number, website, hours of operation. If customers are looking for details about your company on Facebook, you want them to be able to find them.

2. Next, claim your customized URL. It’s so much easier for customers to look you up when your Facebook page is www.facebook.com/yourbusiness, rather than an annoying string of numbers.

3. Choose an appropriate cover image. This one image will set the tone for your Facebook page, so don’t make it boring or generic. This isn’t the place for your logo, either. Pick a unique image that conveys the feel of your company.  Bright colors and people’s faces usually work best.

4. Go for a unique profile picture. Now, this is the right place for your company logo. It should be something unique and recognizable since it will appear in newsfeeds as well.

5. Engage with your fans – in your unique voice. Much better than achieving a high number of likes is creating an engaged community of fans who regularly have conversations with you and with each other on your page. Start discussions, and then respond to those who share with you. But do it using your company’s unique voice. Be it funny, professional, snarky, conversational, whatever – use your voice to stand out from the crowd and attract engagement.

6. Use images in every post, but choose them carefully. People are drawn to pictures over text, so make sure you include an eye-catching image with every single post. But more than that, be sure that each picture fits your company’s spirit and feel. Maybe adorable kitten pics with cheesy captions aren’t the best way to go for a company trying to project a tough guy image…unless you add speech bubbles above the cats’ heads and have them saying something sarcastic.

7. Be interesting! Honestly, this can be the very best way to stand out from the crowd. You know your audience – give them content they’ll find interesting, and they’ll flock to your page. Be funny, be informative, be creative and clever, and you’ll have more fans than you know what to do with!

Making social media pages and profiles unique is a vital part of any company’s online marketing strategy. If you’d like help ensuring that your social media stands out from the crowd, give Zen Media a call today!


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