Why A Neutral Brand Is Bad For Business

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You have a brand. Everyone watching this has a brand.

The only question is was that brand designed or was it by default? I know often one of the things I hear is “Shama, there’s a stigma around the industry.” I get that. Look, there’s bad actors in every industry.

There are phenomenal companies in the direct selling industry, some of the biggest names in you know beauty, healthcare come from direct selling.

So part of it is you’ve got to shed this industry stigma and really work on building the brand around your company, around your ethos, around what you are trying to build and I promise you those stories are worth telling.

So many times, I feel like companies take pride in “We have a neutral brand,” right? “Nothing negative about us out there,” like that’s fine or even if it is “We’re working it, you know, to really pump that SEO up and push more of those positive stories up.”

But listen, a neutral brand can often be more hurtful than even a negative brand, right? Because it’s really what you want in an ideal world is a positive brand.

It’s something that’s out there about your company.

This is your digital footprint; think about it as a digital footprint.

It’s what people think about you before they’ve ever approached, you before they’ve ever approached a consultant or a brand partner, before your consultants and your brand partners have ever, you know, gone out of the field and met these folks.

There’s already a perception.


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