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What’s our methodology for helping B2B companies like yours go from Marketing to Market Leader? It has everything to do with understanding, nurturing, monitoring, measuring, managing, and monetizing relationships to deliver personalization at scale, achieve major impact, and build your brand.

Introduction TO
The SAM Method™

Einstein said there are five ascending levels of intelligence: smart, intelligent, brilliant, genius, and simple. You bring the genius. We’ll bring the simple.

Einstein would have loved SAM. While SAM isn’t a person, it is our proprietary methodology for helping b2b companies leverage the simplicity on the other side of complexity. By cutting through complexity to clearly, personally, and relevantly connect with their target audience at scale, B2B brands can build and secure brand equity and drive bottom-line results. 

Just what does this look like? Shorter sales cycles, more inbound leads, new levels of industry influence, top talent knocking at your door, regular speaking invitations to leading conferences, recognition in premium publications, and increased market share. 

Less of, “Now, who are you again?” and more of, “Oh, you guys are everywhere these days…tell me more.”

That’s the power of SAM.



Your B2B buyer is already 60% through the buying process before they even reach out to you. The more simple you make it for them, the more likely you’ll be to win their business upfront. We take the genius of your business and — through the power of digital storytelling — simplify it so your audience finally gets it and wants to talk to you about it. We craft your brand narrative to perfection so your prospects remember you, your clients rave about you, your industry celebrates you, and your competitors seek to emulate you. You bring the steak, and we bring the sizzle.


Once you have your awesome narrative in place, together we can amplify what we’ve architected via digital PR, influencer marketing, content marketing, videos, experiential events and more to further build, expand, strengthen, and fortify your relationships. Basically, you become the talk of the town. This is where you run into prospects who say “I keep hearing about you…TELL ME MORE!”


What gets measured gets managed. You’ll be able to measure the impact your marketing is having on your business relationships both quantitatively (what are the numbers?) and qualitatively (what is the sentiment?) in order to effectively manage them. This allows you to finally open the black box of ad spend and see what’s working, what’s not, and where to double down to get the most bang for your buck. By eliminating guesswork you also eliminate waste and strengthen relationships, and your marketing efforts become highly targeted, efficient, effective, and most importantly, profitable.

We’ve worked together for 3 years. It’s been an absolutely phenomenal partnership…I’ve worked more than 30 years in business with all kinds of vendors. I can’t recommend anyone more than Zen.

Malcolm Gilvar

Trade Group


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