client name
digital PR, virtual CMO, content creation, graphic design

The challenge

OneDine, a new guest-side ordering and payment platform for restaurant operators, was a newcomer to the B2B Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) market. In a crowded industry where customer loyalty is both hard-won and hard-kept, OneDine needed to quickly  establish itself as a trustworthy, innovative provider well positioned to solve the restaurant industry’s existing challenges.

The strategy

Zen swung into action, creating and implementing a full-scale digital PR and marketing plan. One that involved attracting prospective customers and investor attention alike. We began by creating key collateral: an investor deck, videos which showcased the technology in action, as well as sales enablement material. Within a very short time frame, we positioned the brand as one to watch in the space with targeted messaging and strategic distribution.

The results

OneDine was able to close a very successful series A at a $90 million valuation, and landed more than 20 major media hits within 30 days. Media included: Crunchbase, Forbes, Inc, Restaurant Magazine, FSR, and others. OneDine also broke Crunchbase’s Top 100 start-ups list, beating out both Airbnb and Uber during their launch.

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