Video editing with Kamua
client name

The challenge

This startup, which engineered the most innovative cloud-based, AI-powered video editing tool on the market, needed to establish itself as an authoritative voice in the video editing industry and rapidly expand its base of dedicated users.


Increase awareness of Brim’s new PaaS platform in the financial sector by highlighting the expertise and experience of the company’s founder as a woman in tech, building authority, and a key differentiating factor.

The strategy

Zen developed a comprehensive PR plan that included bylined articles by Kamua founder and CEO Paul Robert Cary; multiple monthly mentions including in tier-one publications; and most importantly, a launch campaign on Product Hunt that would get Kamua’s name and product in front of thousands of tech-savvy users and influencers.


The results

Thanks to this campaign and their ongoing PR efforts, Kamua achieved major expansion into the Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian-language markets, plus continued growth with English-speaking users. In 2021, Kamua was acquired by the global creator company Jellysmack.

The brand also:

  • Became one of the top three most-hunted products on Product Hunt
  • Was the Featured Product in Product Hunt’s email newsletter
  • Named Best Product of the Week by Product Hunt the week of its campaign

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