Chase for Business


Chase for Business wanted to position itself as a “wingman” for small business owners (SBOs). Chase knew that the most precious and scarce resource for SBOs was time, but that they also needed expert knowledge, tailored to their needs. Zen conferred and conspired with Chase Business’s brilliant marketing team, and realized that what was needed was a fresh, out of the box experiential.


What has four wheels and connects SBOs with the expertise they need to grow their businesses? The Chase Bizmobile.

Once the 28ft trailer and mobile experiential was painstakingly designed and built, Zen and Chase embarked on the ultimate road trip. We kicked off during Detroit start-up week and used a combination of local micro-influencers and national press to make a big splash. Marcus Lemonis even stopped by to invest in a duo of kid-entrepreneurs.


The Chase BizMobile has made 50 stops (and counting) at co-working spaces, start-up weeks, and festivals around the country, and helped countless SBO’s with their marketing, access to capital, and expense management. Its virtues have been extolled in Business Journal, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

Think a bank is just about financial transactions? Think again.

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