Boosting a digital marketing platform’s SOV with a 90-day, PR-fueled strategy

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The challenge

Stepping into the spotlight, AdRoll, a trusted, AI-powered digital marketing platform, was ready to reposition itself as a leader in the ad campaign results for eCommerce brands and to help eCommerce brands grow through the power of artificial intelligence and automation. Founded in 2006, AdRoll has been trusted by more than 120,000 brands to deliver effective ad campaign results for more than 15 years.

But the challenge was clear. Convincing startups and smaller brands that they could level the playing field and challenge industry giants without infinite resources was a tall order.

In January 2021, AdRoll came to Zen Media for help expanding its reach and elevating its voice in the industry—and our team was ready to take on the task. The goal was to elevate AdRoll’s SOV and solidify its reputation as an omnichannel marketing leader.

The strategy

Zen Media’s PR team embarked on an aggressive campaign to spotlight AdRoll’s unique selling point. Our PR pros crafted an intriguing press release that was widely shared on the national newswire and used for targeted outreach. By focusing on business and marketing technology outlets, AdRoll could spread its message to an audience that needed to hear it.

Our team also crafted messaging that illustrated AdRoll’s unique value proposition. The messaging emphasized the platform’s AI power, easy integration capabilities, and its promise of leveling the playing field for all brands. This resonated with the press and AdRoll’s target audience.

Then, Zen Media’s PR team developed a strategy to amplify each press hit quickly and effectively. Best practices like tagging publications and key industry players were adopted to ensure maximum reach.

From there, the PR team delivered a steady drumbeat of data-driven insights to relevant media on a weekly basis.

The results

Our PR blitz didn’t just meet expectations—it exceeded them in leaps and bounds. AdRoll’s unique platform catapulted into the industry limelight with features across various prominent outlets. Our crowning achievement? Securing a regular column for an AdRoll executive in a leading marketing publication.

AdRoll’s SOV soared with a 75.9 million increase in earned media visitors from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022.

The media outreach campaign didn’t just create a buzz, it reverberated throughout the industry. The VP of Marketing, AdRoll stated, “In just the first quarter of this year [2021], we had more than a dozen key placements—both industry and top tier. We even landed a regular column in a top marketing outlet. As a result, our authority score is a 70 (top 1% of domains in the world), and our branded searches are over 8k a month.”

Following our success, AdRoll named Zen Media as their agency of record.

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