client name

The challenge

AdRoll, a digital marketing and growth platform, came to Zen because they wanted to expand their reach. AdRoll’s offering is compelling—to help eCommerce brands grow through the power of artificial intelligence and automation. With their easy integration capabilities, we knew this company really had a powerful tool to offer their core audience.

The strategy

AdRoll was looking to grow its Share of Voice in the marketplace, and our team was up for the challenge.

While AdRoll has an innovative platform, untapped potential in the marketplace, and a bevy of data, they needed some extra help reaching their target audience and gaining more recognition in their industry.

To elevate AdRoll’s voice above the noise, our Public Relations team began with benchmarking to identify open territory, which revealed several key topics on which AdRoll could stake its claim in the conversation. From there, the PR team delivered a steady drumbeat of data-driven insights to relevant media on a weekly basis.

The results

Our Public Relations team secured placements for AdRoll in a variety of noteworthy outlets that ran the gamut from mainstream business to MarTech outlets. Our media outreach culminated in securing a recurring column in a top marketing publication for an AdRoll executive. The client saw a notable uptick in earned media coverage in all of the places they wanted to be—including industry and top-tier publications.

“In just the first quarter of this year, we had more than a dozen key placements—both industry and top tier. We even landed a regular column in a top marketing outlet. As a result, our authority score is a 70 (top 1% of domains in the world), and our branded searches are over 8k a month.” —Gavin Flood, VP of Marketing, AdRoll


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