Zen Media: Who Are We?

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Zen media PESO

Zen Media is the go-to PR and digital marketing agency for B2B brands. We increase market share via digital marketing & PR through strategic initiatives incorporating paid, earned, shared, and owned media (PESO).

Founded in 2009, Zen was one of the world’s first social media marketing agencies, achieving growth of more than 400% in its first year alone. Led by founder and CEO Shama Hyder, a visionary marketing expert and author of two bestselling books on the industry, Zen Media has evolved from its beginnings in social media to a full-service digital marketing and PR agency. 

Services we offer:

Public Relations

Content Marketing

Social Media

Virtual CMO/Virtual Marketing Partner

What is PESO? 

Zen uses the PESO model—paid, earned, shared, and owned media—to get our clients the attention, clients, and revenue growth they need to become frontrunners in their industry. 

P: Paid media (Promoted posts, paid ads, branded content)

E: Earned media (PR placements)

S: Shared media (User-generated content, social media engagements, influencer posts)

O: Owned media (A brand’s blog posts, web content, social posts, and any other content the brand creates for itself)

With this PESO model, we can skyrocket your B2B’s brand awareness, increase your market share, shorten your sales cycle, increase revenue, and strengthen your custom retention while boosting new lead generation. 

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