Videos Convert, But What Kinds Are B2B Buyers Watching?

everything to know about b2b video marketing

With 93% of sellers agreeing that video converts the same or better than any other content medium and Forrester indicating that video is 1800 more valuable than written content, it’s hard for B2Bs to ignore its influence on the sales funnel. But what kinds of videos do B2B buyers watch? 

Do they prefer short and sweet? Long and detailed? Informative with a little comedy thrown in? Data-based and serious? Most businesses seek innovative marketing tactics to connect with their audience. So why not start with what we know works—video—and experiment from there? 

We know video marketing is an influential tool that can help B2B businesses boost sales and persuade potential customers to convert. According to a study by Brightcove and Ascend2, 95% of buyers say watching videos greatly influences their purchase decisions, indicating that they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. 

What is B2B Video Marketing?

B2B video marketing is a form of digital marketing used for businesses who sell to other businesses. The goal of B2B video marketing campaigns is to generate leads through sales qualified traffic. This means that marketers try to find prospects who have already shown some level of interest in purchasing their product or service.

So, whether you’re looking to create a new marketing strategy or just hoping to better understand your target audience, video marketing to your B2B buyers is an excellent option. But what B2B content should you be making to target your audience, and how can you ensure you reach the right people? Let’s look at the five most popular video types among B2B buyers and discuss how to create the perfect content that resonates with your audience.

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How to Measure the Success of Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

One way to measure your b2b video marketing campaign’s success is to look at the number of leads generated from each video. Your B2B video marketing strategy is successful when you generate quality leads for business. The best way to measure lead generation is through conversion rates. If you want to increase your conversion rate, then you need to focus on improving your videos and diversifying the type of videos you create. Let’s take a look at different types of marketing videos you can create to engage b2b buyers through the sales funnel.

5 Marketing Videos to Engage B2B Buyers Through the Sales Funnel

1. Product Reviews

Product reviews are an essential tool for selling a product. They provide something called social proof, a phenomenon where, given a stamp of approval by an authority, people are more likely to trust—and therefore purchase—a product or service. Additionally, product reviews allow potential buyers to see your product in action and better understand what to expect.

Choosing the right reviewer is vital to an effective product review. Your chosen person should be knowledgeable about your products or services and respected within your industry. Having a well-known person or a professional with an impressive title at a renowned company can be the spark to light the conversion fire and get your audience talking. 

But product reviews handpicked by you to be featured on your company’s homepage certainly aren’t all customers are looking for. In fact, 93% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Your leads also care about what people they’ve never met have to say because they see this content as unbiased and reliable. So, if you don’t have an A-list name to make a video review for you, use screenshots and voiceovers of your written product reviews from former customers. It combines the best of both worlds: trustability from the source and higher conversion rates from the medium. 

2. Product Demos 

Product demos are the perfect way to give potential customers a more in-depth look at your product, especially if you are marketing something complex. In a product demo video, you’ll guide your viewers through your product’s key features and benefits. You can also address any common questions or concerns potential buyers might have. 

When asked how they’d most like to learn about a product or service, 73% of consumers chose to watch a short video over reading an article, website, or post (selected by 11%), viewing an infographic (4%), downloading an ebook (3%), attending a webinar (3%), or taking part in a sales call or demo (3%). The numbers speak for themselves—video content is king when it comes to learning about products. 

3. Tutorials/Training Videos

If your product or service requires some training or instruction before use, consider creating a tutorial or training video. Like product demos, training videos or tutorials are significantly favored over other formats, with 81% of B2B buyers choosing to watch tutorials rather than read content. 

Nowadays, people don’t have time to sit and read long instructional pamphlets. Think about it—how many times have you bought a new furniture piece from Ikea and chucked the instructions in favor of searching “How to construct a nightstand” on YouTube? 

How many parents forego the detailed car seat instruction manual in favor of googling “how to install an infant car seat” and finding the simplest tutorial?

The desire for video tutorials only increases as the products increase in complexity. If we don’t have the patience to read about installing a car seat, we certainly don’t have the patience to read about all of the functions of a B2B SaaS platform or the nuances of a fintech product line.  

It’s essential to be clear and concise when it comes to tutorials. You want to ensure your buyers feel confident and secure in their knowledge and understanding of how to use the product. In addition to being a great marketing tool, training videos can also accompany every sale you make as a digital asset for your customers.

4. Live Videos or Webinars

Live videos and webinars engage your audience while conversationally providing valuable information. During a live webinar, you can answer questions from viewers in real-time and give them an inside look at your product or service.

The key to a great live video or webinar is to be strategic about getting your audience to attend. Sure, you can make your webinar a demo for your product, but how many people will attend? Instead, suppose you make your webinar a conversation about industry best practices—something that will appeal to many, including those unfamiliar with your brand. During your discussion about best practices, you can weave your product into some of the best practices. This enables you to provide educational, valuable, and relevant content to qualified leads while building your brand’s credibility in the space.

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Another engaging format for live videos is Q&A. In a question and answer session, you can inform, connect with, and build trust with your audience while also learning more about their needs or concerns. Q&As are also a great way to improve your product because they are a two-way street. Ask your buyers what they want and expect from your product. You will gain new ideas for your business, and you’ll show your buyers that you respect their perspectives and value their loyalty. 

5. Educational Videos

To position your brand as a thought leader in your industry, consider creating educational videos that go beyond a demo or tutorial to address broader industry issues, best practices, or current trends. These videos will help you increase exposure for your brand—especially if you amplify them through social media and paid ads—and they can even help boost customer satisfaction after a buyer purchases from your brand, with 97% of B2B buyers indicating that they value post-purchase video content and communication from the brands they buy from. 

The world of video marketing isn’t just about cute cat videos (though those are great too). When it comes to video content for B2B buyers, you need to provide entertaining, relevant, and informative content. When you understand what your target market is watching, you can create video content that connects with your audience, guides them through the sales funnel, and keeps them satisfied post-purchase, so they can contribute to the cycle by leaving a great review. 

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