Lexi Lampner

Lexi Lampner

Lexi is a Content Writer/Strategist at Zen Media. She is a lifelong storyteller, and helps companies communicate clearly with their customers. With critical thinking, analytical skills, and a creative approach, Lexi supports Zen Media and clients craft meaningful narratives that lead to ideal business outcomes. She is a proud graduate of the University of Florida, where she studied English, as well as Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Lexi spans the worlds of both art and technology, and has long been immersed in the discussion of artificial intelligence and our humanity. She helped launch one of the first newsletters and communities about how to use AI to be more productive. In her free time, Lexi loves to write (more!), make pottery, cook for friends and family, and spend time at the beach.

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For better or for worse, we are living in a modern matrix. We don’t only interact with the virtual world—it’s part of our very makeup. Recognizing this truth is critical as marketers scratch their heads for new ways to engage audiences.
An Approachable Guide to Adding AI to Your Marketing Stack
AI-assisted niche marketing
connecting in an AI-filled world
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