Hannah Gordon

Content Editor

Hannah has spent more than a decade in professional communications—from journalism to book publishing to teaching and editing, stories drive Hannah’s passion. Because every great marketing campaign is driven by a story, Hannah is at home on Zen’s content team doing everything from the small things like changing en dashes to em dashes to the big-picture work of upskilling writers and having a hand in developing Zen’s content strategy.

Outside of content marketing, Hannah teaches university English and global gender studies courses, authors creative nonfiction, fiction, and children’s books, pursues her Ph.D. in global gender studies, and consults in the indie publishing industry. Through all of her pursuits, Hannah centers on the story at hand—what’s the narrative? Who’s telling it? And what are they trying to accomplish?

That line of thinking works as well for a freshman’s rhetorical analysis assignment as it does for a tier-one publication submission.

Hannah thrives in Zen’s fully remote environment and loves to opportunity for flexible work, allowing her to build a hectic schedule of passion projects and travel. In her spare time, Hannah is a competitive powerlifter, sailor, kayaker, hiker, tarot and oracle reader, photographer, boxer, and Buffalo sports fan. She lives in Buffalo, New York, with her partner and their three-legged super mutt therapy dog Charley, his little sister Iggy, who is basically a baby dingo (Heeler-Elkhound), and the littlest (and newest) of the crew, Meeko, a Corgi-Heeler mix. Together they tend to more than 150 houseplants as well as a robust garden featuring a pumpkin patch—Hannah’s personal favorite.

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