Alexandra LeBlanc

SEO Strategist

Alexandra LeBlanc is the SEO Strategist at Zen Media, where precision and expertise converge to elevate your digital presence. With a keen eye for keyword optimization and a data-driven approach, she excels in fine-tuning your online content to ensure it resonates with search engine algorithms and your target audience.

With a strong background in keyword research, she meticulously select and optimize search terms, aligning your content with user intent. Her proficiency in data analytics empowers me to transform raw information into actionable insights, guiding strategies with data-backed precision. Her link-building expertise, adaptability to evolving search algorithms, and focus on organic traffic generation ensure a holistic SEO approach that delivers results.

Whether it’s enhancing your backlink profile, navigating algorithm updates, or optimizing your content strategy, she’s here to help you stand out in the digital landscape.

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