9 Key Lead Generation Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies

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If you’re on this page, you’re likely very familiar with SaaS companies, a.k.a. software as a service businesses. This specific industry is unique in that it delivers software solutions on a subscription basis—an in-demand service that can be as tricky to sell as it is essential for many businesses to have.

So what’s the secret SaaS marketing strategy sauce? 

According to 310 Creative, “55% of SaaS companies rated Customer Retention Cost as the key metric to measure.” Getting customers and then holding onto them is essential to SaaS businesses. But rather than one easy solution, achieving this is a content marketing cocktail made of a variety of ingredients that work together to grow leads. 

Without in-store sales opportunities, SaaS relies on digital shopping to reach its customers. This means each company’s promotional message must be clear and concise. Confuse a potential customer with too much information and you can count on losing their interest fast, regardless of how much they may need your software service. 

On the other hand, say too little about what you’re offering and they may think the service doesn’t live up to the hype. It’s a delicate dance that requires a thoughtful marketing strategy across multiple channels. 

And it’s more important than ever for SaaS to get this powerful mix right. According to TechCrunch, “SaaS revenue worldwide could surpass $140 billion by 2022.” To reach that lofty prediction, SaaS will need to make well-thought-out marketing moves in the next two years. 

In this guide we’ll look at 9 key strategies every SaaS business should implement.

  1. Content Marketing

Not just limited to SaaS marketing, content marketing is an essential part of any company’s marketing. Organic traffic can be driven through tactful blogging on topics relevant to your audience. 

Then that content should be shared through an SaaS brand’s multiple social media channels to expand its reach and get it to an even wider audience. 

Fundamental to digital marketing, content development should be a strategically designed part of your marketing mix that can’t be overlooked. 

  1. Robust, Well Regulated Social Media Streams

Merely having a Twitter account or a Facebook page is not enough for SaaS companies any more. 

Savvy marketers know that these channels can be essential spaces to reach current and future customers and the best way to use them is not just to post frequently with fresh information, but to actually interact with a brand’s audience. 

Starting conversations, say on a platform like LinkedIn, can drive customer interest and retain customers interested in what your brand has to say. 

It’s also a good place to spread content that builds a brand’s credibility and trust with consumers. Putting a focus on social media is key to generating leads for SaaS companies.

  1. A Focus on SEO

Have great content but it’s not getting any traction? Have you taken a closer look at your SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental building block of any good digital marketing strategy. Buyers will inevitably be doing research before committing to your SaaS, so you have to give search engines the juice they need to find your business.

And that applies not just to a SaaS brand’s website, but to every piece of content you publish. Content should include specific keywords your audience is searching for, as well as answer questions that are commonly asked about your service on Google. You can find this information by using a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner

  1. Provide Video or Virtual Tutorials

Want to generate more leads? Then give your potential customers what they really want: videos. 

Video marketing continues to grow in importance, and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend. 

Virtual how-twos, online video tutorials, and even branded video entertainment can give a significant bump to your lead gen. By providing relevant, informative content with real members of your SaaS team, you can help put a face to your business and build rapport with future customers. You’ll also be providing a free service, something that costs little but can provide big ROI.

  1. Put Your Name Out There

Being easy to find is key to generating leads in the SaaS world. So, are you where potential customers are looking?

We’re talking about industry-relevant directories, Google maps, review sites, etc. 

This can be especially critical for small SaaS businesses. Often local buyers trust industry directory referrals more than Google search results, so start researching the tools SaaS shoppers use and get yourself included there. 

  1. Create Landing Pages

Create different landing pages for different target audiences to land on when they click on one of your digital ads. By giving prospective clients a great landing page to input their information, you can drive leads effortlessly. Throw in some gated content, like a free white paper when they fill out the form, and you can increase your leads even more.

  1. Offer a Free Trial

Just as a car buyer wants to do a test drive, so too does a potential SaaS customer. So let them have a turn at the wheel.

When it comes to software solutions, clients want to know they’re investing in a sure thing, so give them a chance to try your new product or service before fully committing.

  1. Leverage Review Sites

Take review sites as an opportunity to find potential customers. 

Taking into account what we learned earlier, that SaaS customers will spend a whole heck of a lot of time researching a software service before committing, it behooves companies to seek out review sites where they can let their brand shine. 

Not seeing your SasS included in these sites? Reach out to the editorial teams and introduce your software service. Make your name known so it can become part of the conversation which inevitably will drive consumer interest. 

  1. Refine Your Call to Action

Not sure if your call-to-action is working? Ask your customers what they think. 

The truth is, client feedback is invaluable to SaaS brands. But the only way you’ll get the information you need is to ask. Once you have some information on how buyers react to your CTAs, you can then refine them to better reach your audience.

Regardless of what the CTA is—to download a white paper, sign up for a free trial, make a purchase, or join a newsletter—you can’t increase the leads generated from these efforts if your CTA isn’t working. So encourage feedback and reward clients who take the time to give it to you.

Want to bolster your SaaS lead generation marketing strategies? Need some help? Call Zen Media. Leaders in content marketing, our expert digital marketers can take this 9 step list and make it a reality optimizing SEO, generating content, and developing a plan to get your business on the map. We do the tinkering and tailoring of your messaging so you can focus on what you do best, providing the best software solutions possible to your clients. 

We know the necessary ingredients to make this marketing mix work. Contact us today to supercharging your lead gen for your SaaS business. 


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