Argo, a multibillion-dollar, publicly traded specialty insurance firm had launched multiple siloed initiatives and needed to transform those into a cohesive overarching digital strategy.


We conducted interviews with key stakeholders, and completed multiple audits across all marketing efforts and identified low hanging/high yielding opportunities, while casting the customer journey and CX as the new center of gravity.

To strengthen Argo’s executive and internal teams, we also crafted a thought leadership strategy that answered the critical questions of: why you, why this, why now? and set the stage for the brand to develop powerful in-house influencers that would increase its credibility, and help attract and retain top talent.


The series of tiered digital audits assisted the organization in overcoming real challenges such as the adoption and implementation of a CRM, optimizing previously hidden opportunities in social reach and engagement, creating internal playbooks to support cross-functional collaboration and social selling, as well as mastering and maximizing CX from cradle to grave.

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