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Tech Start-Up

The Challenge

The National Restaurant Association attracts ten of thousands of attendees every year. It also attracts hundreds of exhibitors competing for attention. Our client, a smaller tech start-up, wanted to find a way to stand out in a sea of exhibitors who had more space and greater historical presence.

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The Strategy

At a trade show filled with food, attracting attention with more food or beverages (often the go-to choice for exhibitors) would not be the way to go. We had to do something which would attract people to the booth and then educate them while we had their attention.

We built a reusable 10 by 20 exhibit which included lockers for safekeeping. As attendees literally walked miles at the conference, they now had a place to safely store their bags while they did so. We also added custom infographics and a video on-loop so while they were dropping off or picking up their bags, they could learn more about our client.

The Results

The booth became one of the most visited exhibits at the conference — beating out Fortune 100 companies who had 10x the space and budget, and even made it into the “11 of the Coolest NRA Finds” article in leading industry publication, FSR Magazine.

But the most important success of the campaign was that our client was able to attract top leads from some of the most reputable brands present.

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