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Digital PR

The challenge

Sandclock partnered with Zen Media to increase brand awareness and social media engagement while serving as a resource for curious crypto enthusiasts and newcomers.

The crypto market volatility has resulted in one of the most dramatic economic boom-and-busts in recent history. Firms that have endured the storm face an uphill battle for positive recognition, with the industry’s credibility cratering along with cryptocurrency values. Sandclock’s established presence in relevant media, achieved prior to the volatility, gave them a leg up on the competition when the industry headwinds hit.

The strategy

We created a full-fledged digital PR campaign with an eye toward cultivating relationships and securing opportunities with national business outlets, crypto-focused trade publications, and podcasts. To do so, our team conducted an extensive media audit of the crypto space, researching similar firms and meeting regularly with Sandclock executives to understand their unique point-of-view and value proposition for the industry.

After identifying target publications, and industry trends, we began proactive pitching to introduce Sandclock to the media and present its SMEs as thought leaders in decentralized finance. We guaranteed at least five media hits to support the launch of their new platform, including bylines, article features, podcast interviews, and executive Q&As. To prep executives for these opportunities, we created briefing documents and conducted media training to ensure they would be aware of and adherent to important company messaging.

The uncertainty within the crypto-industry, which occurred just months before Sandclock’s intended launch, made this work all the more challenging. Pulling on crisis communication principles, Zen crafted an intelligent, forward-thinking, original voice for the Sandclock team, which set them apart from the dominant “doom-and-gloom” crypto media narrative. Positioning them as a resource in the burgeoning crypto-philanthropy space allowed Sandclock to connect with both informed audiences and newcomers to share their company mission and interindustry expertise.



The results

Through a campaign spanning one year, Zen Media was able to help Sandclock gain significant brand visibility, when they previously had no media footprint,  through the following secured opportunities, press placements, and assets. Relevant media coverage statistics include

  • Averaged 9.57M unique visitors per month
  • More than 36K journalist views and 12 targeted press hits, including interviews and articles in business and industry publications
  • 235 social media shares

Additionally, the Zen team achieved the following for Sandclock:

  • Secured invitation for Sandclock co-founders to attend an industry conference in Barcelona
  • A recurring executive byline column in a leading industry publication
  • A crisis communications plan to help combat negative connotations about cryptocurrency and help Sandclock’s positive message rise above the noise (implemented successfully by the Zen team)
  • A honed brand voice, developed and documented by strategic industry research, and cultivated publicly by increasing brand awareness and leveraging media relationships to create a competitive advantage

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Averaged 9.57M unique visitors per month, 235 social media shares, and more than 36K journalist views and 12 targeted […]
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