LinkedIn Events: Why They’re Awesome & How To Create Them



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LinkedIn’s extraordinary evolution in the social media space and their creative solutions, like LinkedIn events, have enabled professionals to network on an elevated level and drive success for their business, and the best part: many brands and entrepreneurs are only beginning to discover the potential of this impressive social media platform. 

LinkedIn is one of the most effective B2B social media marketing channels available, especially for brands in the B2B space. Every week there’s over 9 billion impressions on the LinkedIn feed, but only 3 million people sharing updates. For brands utilizing the right strategies, that means high organic reach with relatively low competition.

LinkedIn’s Marketing Power

Marketers tapping into the power of LinkedIn and leveraging their helpful tools are yielding fantastic results, and demonstrating that digital marketing is very much the way of the future. 

LinkedIn is a great marketing tool for professional and personal brands. If you want to promote your content, build a loyal audience, find new prospects, close deals, expand your professional network or simply connect with like-minded people, LinkedIn provides the right tools for your goals. 

With an algorithm that favors marketers, LinkedIn provides unique features that help people grow their business.

LinkedIn Features for Marketers

Business Driver Tools

For example, LinkedIn posts have a slow decay, meaning that your post can potentially stay at the top of someone’s feed for weeks, depending on how much engagement the post gets. The more engagement, the better.

LinkedIn also offers incredible networking opportunities. If someone comments on a post, it gets shared with other people in their network, even if those people aren’t in your network. This feature enables your content to go viral without having a lot of followers. As of right now, no other social media platform offers this feature.

If you want to grow a personal or professional brand, you should be leveraging LinkedIn. And as an innovative and adaptive platform, LinkedIn is now offering an incredible new tool that’s worth learning about: LinkedIn events.

LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn Events is a relatively new tool that enables any LinkedIn member, whether they have a personal profile or LinkedIn page, to create and manage their own events.

This tool is great for anyone who is hosting a meeting, launching a new product, or organizing a live event. Creating the event is a simple process, and it enables you to succinctly provide potential attendees with all of the information they need to make a decision about your event.

Eight Steps to Create Successful LinkedIn Events

If you’re a LinkedIn member, all you have to do to create your LinkedIn event is to go to “home” and then “events.” Once you’re on the events page, you’ll have to fill in all of the fun and important details about your event.

1. Event Photo & Background

You’ll have the option to customize the background banner, as well as the event photo. The photo you choose is important, and will depend on the goal of the event. If the event is promoting a company brand, you’ll want the photo to reflect the company, including the logo. If you’re promoting a personal brand, a photo of yourself is best.

2. Event Name

The name of your event should be as specific and as succinct as possible; don’t try to get fancy. People will want to know exactly what will take place at the event and what it’s for. For example, if the event is a quarterly meeting, you could put Q1 or Q2 at the beginning so people know this is a recurring event.

3. Event Location

For the event location, LinkedIn will require you to put in a street address, and you’ll have to input most of the information before it pre-populates address options to choose from.

4. Venue Details

For this section, you should not only put in the location of the venue, but information regarding accessibility, parking, and any other details that would be important for your attendees to know.

5. Event Description

This is where you should let attendees know what will be included in the event, what won’t be included, what they can do to prepare for the event or what they should bring. Be as specific as possible and try to cover every detail so that people know everything they need to know to have a positive experience at your event.

6. Ticketing Website

If people need to purchase event tickets or reserve their spot via a 3rd party-source, you’ll want to provide that link so customers can get everything taken care of in one sitting. The goal of the event page is to provide all of the information necessary so a person can learn about the event, reserve their spot, engage in discussion, and share the event with others in their network, all by simply visiting the events page.

7. LinkedIn Event Perks

The LinkedIn events tool not only gives you the ability to create the event page, but to effectively promote your event.

Once you’ve created your event, you can invite all of your contacts, start a discussion, and manage your attendees. If you give them permission, people can also share your event with people outside of your network, boosting your visibility and organic reach. Of course, you should also promote your event on other platforms, and post about your event to build hype.

8. Event Promotion

For your promotion, employ smart copywriting tactics and create posts that compel people to take action or read your content. If your post is longer, people will only see the first one or two sentences.

You want them to read more, so craft headlines that will grab their attention, and create B2B content that’s not only persuasive, but valuable. Respond to people who engage with your post, and encourage them to share.

Why You Should Use LinkedIn Events 

Whether you’re hosting a webinar, promoting a conference, or organizing an important business meeting, the LinkedIn Events tool is an effective way to reach attendees and garner engagement. 

In a post-COVID world, virtual events that enable people to learn valuable skills and engage with their favorite brands will become increasingly popular. If you’ve always wanted to host or promote an event, whether it’s a live interview or a product launch, now is the time to start. 

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By making it easy for people to learn about and sign up for your event, you set yourself or your company up for success and ensure that you’ll maximize attendees. 


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