National Athletic Trainers Association



client name
National Athletic Trainers Association
influencer marketing, video production

The challenge

The National Athletic Trainer’s Association came to us hoping to kickstart their “Share Your Story” campaign. Their goal was to drive authentic engagement to promote the continued growth and development of NATA, as well as to position athletic trainers as unique health care providers.

The strategy

Enhance visibility and accelerate traffic to NATA’s micro-content by generating a tsunami of interest in their macro content. We did this by creating a series of custom crafted videos amplified by carefully chosen influencers, strategically targeting select groups across social channels and traditional publications.

The results

Cue an uptick in landing page traffic, sign-ups, name recognition, word of mouth, and greater visibility in the sports and athletics space. Just two months of promotional digital and social ads generated a seismic shock wave of attention that NATA’s “Share Your Story” campaign was able to successfully ride throughout the entire year. How’s that for a home run?

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