DFW Airport


DFW Airport – one of the busiest airports in the world – was nearing their billionth-customer mark. Our task? Use this achievement as a golden opportunity for deepening customer relationships, generating positive PR, and boosting social engagement with the brand.


We knew we needed to take a customer-centric, personal approach to celebrating DFW’s remarkable milestone.

As a precursor to the campaign, we created Convergence, a colorful art installation celebrating the diversity of DFW’s customers and the valuable role each passenger played in the larger story of DFW’s remarkable achievement.

Second, in strategic partnership with DFW’s vendors and fellow agency partners, we arranged for a surprise shopping spree for DFW’s billionth passenger, army veteran and newlywed David Minor and his wife Laura who were just returning from their Australian honeymoon. Multiple influencers and media outlets were invited to cover the spree live.

Using a targeted social strategy and leveraging Facebook Live, we created celebratory social posts and streamed live coverage of the newlywed’s gleeful shopping spree and prize-winning haul, amplifying engagement across social channels, and attracting local and global attention to this major milestone.



The Billionth Customer campaign effectively engaged customers, airport employees, vendors, and brand stakeholders, generating massive brand lift, reaching well over a quarter-million on social and garnering positive press in multiple publications and media outlets.

More importantly, the campaign was the catalyst for DFW’s rise in recognition as a global mega-hub. This rise peaked in Jan 2019 when DFW was named Global Airpot of the Year by Air Transport World (ATW): “In the airline industry,” said DFW’s CEO, Sean Donohue, “ the ATW award is essentially like winning an Oscar. When they name a winner, it’s a big deal.”

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