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Allegiance Capital is a premier private investment bank specializing in mergers and acquisitions for privately held middle market companies. When the Allegiance team saw an opportunity for growth through online marketing, they turned to us for help. One of their goals was to increase visibility among middle-market CEOs and executives in targeted industries, especially in the oil and gas industry. The Allegiance Capital team also wanted to build a strong digital footprint by showcasing the company’s expertise.


In order to highlight Allegiance’s ample expertise, we created and launched a social strategy that included a campaign aimed at increasing each employee’s digital footprint. We also created strategic content for blogs, white papers, and emails to help position Allegiance as a thought leader in middle-market industries. We built connections with industry influencers and media to solidify Allegiance’s role as an influencer and thought leader. Finally, to help increase visibility, we launched a full-scale SEO campaign to drive qualified traffic to the website.


So what happened? Allegiance garnered coverage in over 20 key regional and national media outlets, including full cover stories. We organically increased the number of followers on the company’s LinkedIn page by 78% and reached over 76,000 people with Allegiance’s Twitter handle. Three of the educational infographics we produced for them became the three most visited pages on the website. And, our internal campaign encouraging team members to share top content resulted in a 30% increase in organic traffic.

Those are results you can take to the bank. (Pun fully intended)


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