Twitter’s Upcoming Paid Subscription Service: What You Need to Know About Super Follows

Twitter is planning to test a new paid subscription service where users can subscribe to get exclusive tweets from their favorite accounts. This is an emerging trend on various social platforms. Consider Patreon, or even paid newsletter subscriptions, that allow creators to monetize the content they’re publishing.

It’s also similar to Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature which, though unpaid, adds a level of exclusivity to social media sharing.

In a rapid-fire list, here’s everything we know – and everything you need to know – about Twitter’s new paid subscription. 

What is Twitter’s subscription feature called?

Twitter is testing out a new feature called “Super Follows” which allows users to pay to see exclusive content from their favorite accounts.

When will Super Follows be available?

Technically, Super Follows are still being tested. Twitter didn’t say when they will begin testing, or when they plan to roll out the content. According to CNBC, a later Q&A session revealed that Twitter plans to roll out the feature sometime this year.

What will Super Follows look like? 

In their announcement of these new features, Twitter shared a mock screenshot of what Super Follows could look like.

Mock-ups created by Twitter show what the upcoming Super Follows feature could look like.
Image source: CNBC

What will Super Follows cost?

According to CNBC, Twitter’s Product Lead Kayvon Beykpour said the price point for Super Follows will be customizable. 

Is Twitter’s new Super Follows limited to exclusive content?

No, Twitter said that the Super Follows feature could also include access to a community group, a badge that shows you support an account, and access to a newsletter.

Why should we prepare for Twitter’s Super Follows feature

While Twitter’s announcement left out a great deal of detail concerning Super Follows, it’s still creating buzz in the digital communications world because it addresses a desire that many consumers have: they want to filter the information they get online into a smaller selection of more significant and more beneficial items.

A screen-grab of Zen Media's blog about increasing Twitter following.
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Should B2B companies consider subscription models, like Super Follows, in their content strategy?

B2B companies are already selling something, so should they also sell subscriptions to their content?  No, companies themselves will likely not benefit from a subscription model like Twitter’s Super Follows. 

But that doesn’t mean they should ignore it altogether.

B2B companies can draw information from the subscription model and use that data for their strategy. Twitter’s upcoming subscription model will reveal which creators are thought leaders because, ultimately, the best creators will develop even more loyal followings if their audience starts paying for content. This can help B2B companies narrow down the types of influencers to work with and solidify a target audience.

While B2B companies themselves may not benefit from Twitter subscriptions, leadership at the company can take advantage of this route. Developing thought leadership is vital for any company, and a feature like Super Follows can contribute to this strategy. If you have a company leader who is a trusted voice in their field, Super Follows (or other similar subscription services)  may be a valuable resource to further establish that person as a thought leader and ultimately drive more traffic.

What’s the future of businesses on Twitter because of Super Follows?

Businesses on Twitter have to hone their strategies in light of this paid subscription service. Super Follows indicate that social media users want the best, most trustworthy, and targeted content. For businesses using Twitter to grow brand awareness, this means shifting the perspective from quantity to quality. 

With the growing popularity of content subscription services, the focus is no longer the number of followers you have, but the status of their engagement.

This means that every piece of content a company puts out should add value and have takeaways for followers. CMOs should be asking, “Does this content have a clear call to action or clear takeaway for my audience?”

As Twitter rolls out this new feature, and others, in the new year, we will see a rise in targeted content and a focus on quality over quantity in social media marketing strategies.

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