Curation Vs. Creation and the Power of Pinterest in Marketing

the ultimate guide to pinterest marketing

Pinterest is not simply a mood board platform; it’s the shoppable museum of the social media world—a digital ecosystem where curators can carefully assemble select collections of the best of the best. In a world that is equally littered and bejeweled with information, curators take on the role of gallerists or experts. Pinterest marketing is a highly effective, carefully chosen way to put products in front of customers looking for brands like yours.

The Power of Pinterest: From Mood Boards to Shoppable Museums

The internet, in its vastness, offers too many possibilities. Excavating the internet for the best products is like searching for a needle in a haystack. That expression explains the impossibility of such a task, yet there are curators (and curator brands) who both revel and make a livelihood in searching for the needles. 

The Rise of Curators: Pinterest as the Ultimate Shopping Ecosystem

Information has always meant power, but things get messy when there is too much information. Some of the most powerful voices online are those of curators, who have made themselves experts in unique niches, catering to audiences that want the needles they have found. Buyers are fatigued from searching endless pages of a website, product-by-product, and they are willing to pay when they find what they are looking for.

Curators of the Digital Realm: How Pinterest Redefined Online Shopping

Pinterest understands this and is never going to stop at being a virtual mood board platform. Even in its infancy, pins linked to Etsy profiles and so on, expanding the world of online shopping. Suddenly, people were reaching lesser-known businesses, and brands took off.

Pinterest Marketing 101: Crafting Your Brand’s Digital Storefront

So, what is Pinterest marketing?

Posting branded content on Pinterest cultivates brand awareness and enables brands to connect with their target audience to then direct traffic to the brand website. Not only are users coming across branded content, they are saving it to their personal collections, effectively ingraining the brand into their personal spaces (or boards, rather). 

From Pins to Purchases: How Pinterest Fuels Brand Engagement

85% of weekly Pinterest users have purchased based on pins from brands. When boards are created that feature select products, brands can get in front of more users and increase the chances of users buying a product. 

After all, if one of the main functions of Pinterest is to create boards that inspire action in the real world, it makes far more sense to purchase within the platform—it eliminates the amount of steps involved from inspiration to execution. Rather than create a board of inspiration with unnamed, unbranded products, users can find the exact item that they imagined in the first place.

Where Inspiration Meets Immediate Action

Tastemakers can take advantage of this landscape by filtering, curating, and organizing information that speaks to their audience. The internet is referential, packed with threads and hyperlinks. Brands can either intentionally pave the way for their customers in where they are directed, or they let their competition do just that. 

By creating boards with relevant keywords, writing descriptions rich with keywords, linking pins and images back to blogs, and making images highly pinnable (aka great to look at), you can enhance your Pinterest marketing for maximum pinning and interaction. 

The Curator’s Edge: Leveraging Pinterest for Brand Success

Pinterest announced a record-breaking $708 million in revenue for Q2, which speaks to how the platform has completely transformed the world of shopping. This curation engine illustrates the enthusiasm that audiences feel toward curators whom they resonate with, as well as their willingness to take action based on those curators they trust most. 

Leaders can embrace this trend to be the sherpas of their audiences by curating B2B content that their customers will instantly resonate with and, therefore, take action on, ideally buying the service or product on the spot and eventually returning for more.


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