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Hey, this is Shama Hyder, CEO of Zen Media, and I have five marketing tactics for you that will provide the quickest ROI in 2023.

Now, listen, I know marketing works best when it’s a long game—when you think about SEO, social media, PR. Things that really take time, but boy, do they produce excellent ROI in the long term! And I understand that sometimes you’re just really looking for those quick wins and tactics that will get you ROI quicker.

So here are five tactics that will do exactly that for you.

Number one: case studies, especially in B2B. Case studies or an amazing tool for you; use these to attract new prospects, new customers.

Now, these case studies can be written.

They can be multimedia. They can be video. Pro tip: get a third party to create these case studies for you, so it doesn’t muddled up any work that you may be doing with a customer or client, but this company or team or person can come in and create these amazing case studies, ask the right questions and create that narrative. This will greatly help your conversions and attracting new customers.

Second: launch a referral program. Research shows that when a customer has referred, they are twice as likely to be loyal to you than a non-referred customer.

And, of course, the map on this is very simple.

Right? You’re borrowing trust.

So someone comes to the door and they’ve been referred by a customer—by someone who already trusts you—that trust is going to transfer over. And you can take advantage of it.

Half of Zen Media’s clients right now come through referral programs. It is a strategy that works wonderfully, and it can be implemented rather quickly.

Number three: write about emerging topics and position yourself as a thought leader.

For example, exploding topics will actually tell you what’s trending right now.

What are people searching for? You can use this data to create content that already has some inbuilt virality in it, and this is a great hack.

Number four: work with an influencer in your space. Whether your B2B or B2C, this absolutely works.

What you’re doing is leveraging the influencer’s reach and their credibility and tying it into your brand.

It is an instant boost. Listen: ads and media.

We’ve done this for banking companies; we’ve done this for mobile games. We’ve even done it for companies selling camera equipment for construction sites, so it does not matter how niche you are. Work with the right influencer and influencer marketing pays dividends.

It’s definitely a very fast tactic.

Number five: host a LinkedIn fireside chat.

This is my best hack.

It is such an under-utilized tactic, especially if you’re in B2B. All you need is an expert from your company, a thought leader within your industry—whoever you’d like it to be—and a moderator.

And this can be an amazing way to get content to create an event to have some buzz.

It is a very under-utilized tactic. It works so much better than, let’s say, a press release or just perhaps even an article. This adds dimension; it is some low-hanging fruit.

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