Celebrate Social Media Week With These Fun and Interesting Facts

A few fun facts that you may have known about social media marketing.

All week long, we here at The Zen Media Group have been celebrating one of our favorite weeks out  of the entire year―Social Media Week. Given our teams passion for social media marketing and the web, it should come as no surprise that we jump at the chance to celebrate the power of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. on marketing in our current society.

But other than being a chance for us to geek out about our love for social media, what exactly is Social Media Week? This worldwide event was held for the first time in February 2009 and has since become a global platform that connects people, content and conversation around the many growing trends in the worlds of social and mobile media.

It is predicted that over the next 10 years, 3 billion new people will sign up and connect to each other through the Internet. That’s more than three times the number of people who are currently online. Social Media Week is a great time to connect with people all over the world using these sites and to share their learning experiences. It also is a wonderful opportunity to advance our own understanding of the roles that social media plays in our society.

To help you celebrate Social Media Week and get a better understanding of just how much influence social media has had on our connected society, we have put together some fun and interesting facts that you may have not know about social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Referrals Are Golden

We all hope to build our online brand and connect with new users on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, but many companies do not understand just how influential referrals made on these sites can be. For instance, when someone finds a site via Facebook or Twitter, they are much more likely to stick around for longer than visitors who come straight from a search engine. This means that much more time for you to sell your products and services.

The Majority Of Twitter Users Are Mobile

Studies show that nearly 80% of Twitter use occurs on mobile devices, meaning that the majority of your company followers accessing your tweets are mobile. Therefore, your website should probably be mobile too. Think about it―if you are driving people to your company’s website through Twitter, you are only benefiting from about 20% of your click-through rates without a mobile website.

Women Are The Most Active On Social Networks

According to Nielson, females account for around 62% of all Facebook page views, and those between the age groups of 18-34 were found to be the most active people on most social networks. The only two networks in which male users dominated over women were on LinkedIn and Wikipedia. In these cases, men were more likely to log on than females each day.

Social Media Users Are More Active Offline

When most people think of active social media users, they picture people who are constantly connected to the web or someone who rarely leaves their computer. However, people who are active on social media have actually been found to develop a strong sense of networking offline as well. For instance, active social media users on Facebook or Twitter are more likely to write reviews for restaurants and other offline experiences than those who do not use social media regularly. Do you know any other fun or interesting facts that you would like to share in honor of Social Media Week? Be sure to leave them in the comments below.


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