Content Marketing

If you want to be perceived as an authoritative voice

Despite the cries of “content marketing is dead!” that have been echoing for the past several years, the truth is that content marketing is more alive than ever—it’s just undergone a shift.

Today’s customers actually rely on content more than ever before. With 72 percent of buyers using Google during the “awareness” stage, brands need a strong content strategy if they’re going to attract new customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

When you work with Zen, we’ll begin our content marketing engagement by creating a detailed content map, matching content to each stage of the purchasing journey. We’ll also create content to match each of your buyer personas, ensuring that every customer who comes to your website is able to find what they need in order to move to the next stage in the process.

We also work with clients on an ongoing basis to keep their content fresh and search engine friendly. Our content team stays up to date on all the changes to Google’s algorithm, so you can rest knowing that the content you’re putting out will have the very best chance of attracting eyes.

And while blog posts and other content that lives on your site is still the backbone of any content marketing strategy, we also use our digital PR moxie to get your leadership’s voices into major industry publications like Forbes, Inc., and others. 

From blog posts to longform articles, webinars to podcasts, and whitepapers to ebooks, Zen can help you craft the ideal content strategy to meet your brand goals.

What can content marketing do for your brand? 

  • Increase visibility 
  • Improve search engine ranking
  • Attract new customers
  • Guide existing customers through the sales funnel or purchase journey
  • Tell your brand’s story

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