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Speaker 1:

So if you think about this in social media, this is what it means for your customers. This is such a branding question, when you sit there and you think about what your brand stands for, who you are, and that’s great. It’s important to know where you come from, and you guys heard a lot about that. So important to know what your strengths are. But if this research is right, and it’s right, then the question you should really be asking yourself is, “What does doing business with me allow my customer to say about themselves?” Okay? I know. It’s a little deep. I’ll explain.

Speaker 1:

Your customers aren’t buying from you because you’re so awesome. They’re buying from you because they think they’re so awesome. Right? And hanging out with you, that makes them awesomer for whatever reason. So if someone is buying vitamins from you, it says something about themselves, right? If you are expecting them to share that picture on Instagram and be like, “Check this out” or “I love tea. I saw some great tea back there that I was sampling. This is my favorite tea,” whatnot, they’re not doing it for you. Or if they are, it’s going to be limited. But if they’re doing it because they want to showcase, “Look, this is so crazy. My life is hectic, but I still love taking a little bit of time for myself at the end of the day, and my favorite way to do it is this tea.” Do you see the difference in those two scenarios? Do you guys follow?

Speaker 1:

If you can really make it about your customer, how can you empower them? Just like arbonne’s empowered you, how can you pass that onto them? Let’s say you sell bridal wear on Facebook, or you sell bridal wear you’re advertising on Facebook. You have two options. Most people do this. They create, what, Sue’s Bridal Shop. Right? “Like my page, guys. Like my page.” How many people are liking Sue’s Bridal Shop? Sue and maybe her mom, right? Because your mom likes everything. My mom, now my mom’s really supportive. I’m really lucky. I have a great mom. Every time I’m supposed to speak, she goes, “Rock the stage!” And I’m like, “Mom, you have no idea what I do for a living. This is not that kind of talk.” Okay. But I do think it’s funny.

Speaker 1:

So imagine if she understood this concept and Sue said, “You know what? It’s not about my bridal shop. It’s about the brides and their big day, and I want to create a page that’s all about how to get ready for your big day.” So it’s like bridal 101 sponsored by or powered by Sue’s Bridal Shop. Which one do you think does better? Bridal 101, right? Because it’s not about Sue anymore. Do you think these brides get to see Sue’s stuff? Of course. She’s the one running the page, but she’s not making it about her products. She’s making it about, “How do I help these guys live their best life?”

Speaker 1:

Here’s one of our clients’ Tupperware. If you look at their blog, which is really cool, now, they could just talk about their product all day long like, “Look, empty Tupperware,” and that’s not going to be that exciting. But if they think about what is that used for, meals, storing meals, then recipes ends up being a really good idea, because now they have this whole community of recipes that they can share. And what do you think they’re being stored in? Tupperware containers, of course.


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