Public relations for the Web3 industry

Digital innovators are leading us into the newest iteration of the internet—Web3. Web3 companies are enabling a decentralized digital world through blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, and they need a PR agency that can tell their story. Web3 brands are giving ownership back to users, allowing them to control how their information is shared and who profits from their content. But the average B2B buyer doesn’t understand the industry’s technical jargon—especially if they don’t know how it benefits their company. The Web3 industry needs a PR agency that can translate their stories into engaging press placements and opportunities.


Telling your story

Web3 is still young and evolving, and the opportunity for groundbreaking storytelling is high. A PR team who gets it can convey your message to a variety of audiences. We can target tech publications with detailed and specific stories of innovation and B2B buyers with business pieces about leveraging Web3 technology to drive growth. We turn Web3 entrepreneurs into thought leaders, landing them guest spots on podcasts, winning them awards in their industry—and more.

Our clients see an average 96.2% increase in demand generation and a 63% increase in sales. The sky’s the limit for this burgeoning industry—and we can help ensure your business rises to the top.


PR for Web3

In this brand new industry, establishing high share of voice is essential. A strong PR strategy will achieve that goal, making you the voice of the industry. With our strategic media relationships, we can help Web3 brands build authority and become frontrunners.

Content Marketing for Web3

Creating frequent and quality content relevant to your audience—including NFTs—can help you establish your unique value proposition, differentiating your services from competitors. A thorough SEO-optimized strategy with our full-service content marketing team will boost your visibility and communicate your value to your audience.  

Social Media Strategy for Web3

Building meaningful connections with consumers on social media will cement their trust in your brand. An active social presence allows brands to share their message, reach prospective customers, and engage with their audience. A comprehensive strategy includes content calendar development, influencer marketing, design, community building, paid ads, and retargeting to create an omnipresent narrative.

case studies

Averaged 9.57M unique visitors per month, 235 social media shares, and more than 36K journalist views and 12 targeted […]
Secured 600 press release pickups and earned 31.4k estimated views and an audience reach of 103M. […]
Gained over 1,300 new followers and 160k impressions and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter […]

We’ve worked together for 3 years. It’s been an absolutely phenomenal partnership. We went from 7 leads to a month to over 100 leads a month, and what’s really amazing about these leads is that they are qualified leads versus the tire kickers we used to get. I’ve worked for more than 30 years in business with all kinds of vendors. I can’t recommend anyone more than Zen.

Malcolm Gilvar,

VP, The Trade Group

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