Public relations for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is experiencing rapid change—from ever-evolving consumer and employer demands and regulatory requirements to technological disruption. As the world changes, the healthcare industry must evolve to meet new needs for providing care and producing breakthroughs to improve the lives of many. We’re here to tell these important stories.


Telling your story

Healthcare providers, physicians, and those who produce innovative products to help streamline healthcare operations need strong press coverage to promote their products, help consumers and businesses navigate medical dilemmas, and improve the overall quality of care. It’s imperative to understand where healthcare is headed and to implement a strategic media campaign to keep the public informed and aware of future success and growth.


Our all-encompassing PR strategies guide our healthcare clients to earn placements and features in top-tier publications. When we amplify those press hits on social media platforms, we further their share of voice and help others understand the impact our client makes, establishing them as a leader in the industry.


PR for Healthcare Organizations

Our PR stratagem takes traditional and digital public relations to produce a lineup of industry-specific opportunities, such as radio interviews, live events, and podcasts, so you can generate brand awareness, attract quality leads, and share your message.

Content Marketing for Healthcare Organizations

Your company’s mission, story, goals for the future of healthcare, etc., deserve to be told. Our dedicated content marketing team can do just that. We help you bring awareness to the public—engaging consumers while building trust and relationships with those who could later be a patient, user, or advocate.

Social Media Strategy for Healthcare Organizations

Social media makes it easier to reach consumers who won’t come to you. Turning complex information into understandable, bite-sized social posts and videos can be vital when trying to educate, spread awareness, and share key happenings in the healthcare world. Our team’s strategies include influencer marketing, paid ads, and content calendar development, so you can engage and foster a community.

case studies

Gained over 1,300 new followers and 160k impressions and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter […]
Secured placements for AdRoll in a variety of noteworthy outlets that ran the gamut from mainstream business to MarTech […]
Secured 170+ pieces of coverage, and acquired 262 engagements on social media platforms within the 90-day campaign. […]

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