Public relations for Consumer Tech and Internet of Things

Consumer tech has become one of the most important technologies of the century. With low-cost computing, data mapping, and analytics, people can capture information in unexpected ways—without leaving the house. The IoT is also growing by the minute, spanning numerous devices and systems—from smart warehouse vehicles to fitness trackers. Where the physical world meets the digital world is where consumer tech meets Zen Media.


Telling your story

We help our IoT and consumer technology clients hone their messaging, contribute to critical conversations around the future of technology, and secure placements in TechCrunch, Newsweek, Benzinga, and more.

Our ability to learn your technology enables us to better promote new products and tell compelling stories about what your technology means for consumers. We build trust and credibility, and trust leads prospects down the sales funnel.


PR for Consumer Tech and IoT

We trust the brands we are familiar with—it’s human nature. A strong PR strategy fosters good, strategic relationships with journalists, analysts, podcast hosts, and key industry publications, bringing your story to the masses. The more active you are in the media, the more authority and trust you build with your audience, placing you as a thought leader and a go-to option for buyers.

Content Marketing for Consumer Tech and IoT

The quality of content plays an essential role in keeping investors and valuable customers interested in your story. Blogs, videos, infographics, and more—your content should answer your audience’s questions about your company. Our full-service content marketing team uses SEO keywords and engaging website design to drive traffic to your website and to keep them coming back.

Social Media Strategy for Consumer Tech and IoT

Social media amplifies your brand’s outreach efforts. Engaging with your audience gives your company the advantage when revealing new projects. Whether you’re looking for influencer partnerships, to build an engaged community, or drive traffic to your website, we can help you find and keep followers.

case studies

Achieved a 49.2% increase in impressions and more than 11.2 million views of their content on TikTok. […]
Gained 400 new users literally overnight and became a Top 3 Most-Hunted Product on Product Hunt  […]

We were looking for a marketing business that could lead the social media marketing of one of our products, and Zen Media did it just right. They had developed an effective content calendar that operated smoothly and consistently. They took the plunge and started a whole TikTok content operation, which was a new thing for Beatleap. All along the way, we felt like we’re being treated professionally and responsibly. The Zen Media team listened to our feedback and always suggested effective solutions! We felt as if it was their very own baby and they are a part of the Lightricks family! Finally, we can definitely say that if you want a business with a big heart to nurture your product marketing, Zen Media is the right one for you!

Guy Arama,

Social Media Manager, Lightricks

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