MZ Weekly News Round-Up: Women CMOs

After the surge of blogging energy that accompanied last week’s post, we decided to stick with the CMO Edition of the Roundup for this week. The insights provided by this take on the Roundup have given us a new perspective on marketing as a whole and on the female role within the industry.

Female CMOs:

Under Karen Quintos’s tutelage, Dell has become one of the frontrunners for marketing in a digital world beyond basic digital marketing. Quintos helped to build Dell’s social listening command center in 2010 and offered plenty of advice in her interview with earlier this week. She indicated that Dell’s focus on customers has given them the marketing edge. Elaborating on this point, Quintos said, “At a time when marketing has become data-driven, businesses must create opportunities for a direct and personalized experience with customers. And it’s not about using the latest social transactional message.” Quintos also stressed the importance of the collaboration between a company’s IT department and marketing team. The synergy between these two groups assures accurate real-time data and develops reliable data analytics strategies. Considering Dell’s tremendous success over the past few years, Quintos’s advice should certainly be heeded.


Pubcon Las Vegas, one of the most importance social media and optimization conferences in the country, will be held this year from October 6-9. Having gained the approval of Forbes, who named Pubcon one of the must-go events of the year, this expo will feature an entire day of social media and search training. It will gather online marketing professionals from around the world and focuses on everything from start-ups to well-established speakers. For more information about the event, visit Pubcon’s website.

Marketing Tip:

With the dawn of the age of smartphones, mobile advertising has become a big issue for many companies. But a lot of retailers are retooling their mobile ad campaigns. Why? First of all, selling on mobile devices isn’t all that successful. According to Adobe data, mobile conversions fall within the 1% range, meaning transactions very rarely occur over phones. But more than anything, retailers are trying to better allocate their models in an attempt to produce better data. As anyone in the marketing world knows, data is king and getting the best of it requires constant attention. As such, a lot of companies want to tie smartphones into their data package. Utilizing large amount of time spent on phones, businesses are hoping to activate the power of mobile devices and present every touch point that might result in a sale.

CMOs to Follow:

Johnathon Levitt, Sonic Boom

Amber Osborne, Meshfire

Brian Kenny, Harvard Business School

Antonio J. Lucio, Visa


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