MZ Weekly News Round-Up: Happy Birthday BASIC, and Matt Cutts on Keeping Your Body Just Right


Google’s Matt Cutts lost his body this week to stress the importance of body content to search engines. In a pretty humorous attempt at making a visual point, Matt’s floating head gave an important lesson to be holistic in your approach. While the header is important, if the content there doesn’t match the content in the body of your page, it can confuse Google, and you won’t receive the best. While obvious and often repeated, create unique and quality content for your header and your site.

Brand mentions are becoming increasingly important. This was shown again this week when evidence surfaced that the innocent-looking patent Google filed not too long ago may hold algorithm information and insight into the Panda algorithm. This patent defines non-linking as “implied links.” This is definitely a development worth following, especially for marketers.

Social Media:

Snapchat has updated their app and now users have the option to keep messages, videos and pictures longer than a few seconds which could be considered a “chat tool.” Another addition to the popular app is the live streaming option that works as long as a finger is kept on the screen. Snapchat has retained the feature that erases messages almost instantly after they have been received.

If you are in the Dallas, Texas area this weekend, you may want to check in at the Hardwood District and be a part of the InstaDFW meet-up that will happen Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, from 12-6pm. The goal will be to break the record for the world’s largest instameet. If you want to make history and have fun while being social, this is the event for you. #largestinstameet


Happy Birthday, BASIC! 50 years ago this month something miraculous happened that changed the course of history. On May 1, 1964, DartmouthCollege Students ran the program BASIC for the first time. It was a perfect teaching tool for beginners and replaced complicated code with a simple “Hello” and “Ready.” We will leave you to reminisce with 10 PRINT “Hello World!” 20 GOTO 10


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