The Bottom Line on What Facebook Partner Categories Mean for the Little Guys

May 4, 2013

When Facebook launched its new ad-targeting solution Facebook Partner Categories a few weeks ago, we’re pretty sure we heard a loud, collective, “Wooooohoooo” from every small business owner using Facebook ads to market their business. […]

Calls to Action Now Allowed on Facebook Page Cover Images

March 21, 2013

The 17th December version of Facebook’s Pages Terms previously prevented any kind of marketing in the cover image, and text was not allowed to comprise more than 20% of the image area. Page owners had […]

Facebook Graph Search: It’s About Who You Know

February 7, 2013

While Facebook Graph Search is in essence a search engine, it’s fundamentally different from the traditional search engines. Google and Bing searches return results based on what the search engine’s “spiders” find when they crawl […]

5 Facebook Changes Marketers Love

November 20, 2012

Facebook seems to be the tool that social media marketers can’t live without – and love to complain about.  From promoted posts and EdgeRank, to Timeline, 2012 was the year when many people took exception […]

Facebook Advertising Options Demystified (Chart)

October 19, 2012

With a potential audience of over a billion users, many brands have found success by adding Facebook advertising to their online marketing efforts. In recent months, Facebook has focused on providing more advertising options and […]

Facebook’s Custom Audience Ads – And What They Mean for You

September 27, 2012

With a user base that includes hundreds of millions of active and highly engaged members, Facebook has established itself as an excellent way for brands to reach out to and connect with potential customers through […]

Facebook Marketing: 6 Steps to Facebook Marketing Success

September 14, 2012

Transcription of “Facebook Marketing: 6 Steps to Facebook Marketing Success” Shama: Hi, I’m Shama Kabani, CEO of the Zen Media Group, and the number one question that I get and the team gets here is […]

Tips For Using Facebook As A Successful Marketing Tool

September 12, 2012

Essential marketing tips that will ensure a successful Facebook campaign. It is no major secret that many businesses are now taking to Facebook to market their company and connect with new consumers. After all, there […]

Facebook Insights You Can’t Afford to Ignore

August 9, 2012

Facebook Insights can help you improve your social media marketing efforts. We all know how important Facebook business pages can be for connecting with consumers and establishing a relationship with the people who follow your […]

6 Keys to Increasing Facebook Fan Engagement

July 27, 2012

One of the biggest draws of Facebook – and of social media marketing in general – is the ability to help your message reach a huge audience of interested fans. But the real benefits come […]


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