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The emerging digital landscape, and the opportunities that accompanied it, changed everything. Traditional media lost its dominance, and we saw the emergence of platforms that were far more conversational, instant, social, and fluid. Businesses had new ways to reach their audiences, and marketers had new tools to tell their clients stories. All this change also brought chaos, and Zen was founded with a mission to provide a path for brands that wanted to capitalise on these new mediums without getting lost in a wilderness of wasted time and resources.

We consider ourselves one of the pioneers and leaders of digital marketing and social media. And while we’ve kept up with the latest developments and innovated unique IP to help brands engage and build their digital portfolio of assets (paid, earned, owned, and shared) strategically and authentically, our enduring mantra has been: “know thy customer.”

Today’s consumer is increasingly connected, socially conscious, and savvy. Brands need a digital strategy and outlook to match.

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