How We Helped Chase for Business Forge Meaningful Connections with Small Business Owners

The Challenge

Chase for Business found that small business owners who attended its conferences were clamoring for more individualized attention and customized advice. Though the keynote speakers were inspirational and informative, conference-goers were hungry for more interaction and solutions, tailored to their unique needs.

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the strategy

Zen MADE conceptualized an Apple-inspired “Social Media Genius Bar” to provide one-on-one digital marketing advice and insights to small business owners. Conference participants were able to sign up for 15-20 minute sessions with Zen “Geniuses” and ask about everything from how to get more traffic to their website to which social platforms were the best fit for their biz dev.

Zen’s resident Geniuses made every participant feel comfortable and empowered to engage their customers online, regardless of their experience with social media. Both novices and seasoned users learned something new and took home valuable feedback on their current strategy, as well as ideas on how to take their social game to the next level.

the results

The Social Media Genius Bar proved to be one of the post popular and well-loved components of the Chase for Business conferences in both L.A. and Phoenix. Participants walked away with greater affinity for Chase and greater clarity on their digital marketing efforts.

The interactive and engaging set up of the Social Media Genius Bar helped position Chase for Business as an ally to and advocate for small businesses, while providing valuable expertise and friendly support to individual participants. Over a hundred small businesses were impacted positively, and Chase was credited as the generous and savvy benefactor.

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