Why Your Small Business Should Have a Blog

If someone offered you free marketing, would you reject it? Of course not! If someone offered to strengthen your customer relations and humanize your brand, would you reject that? No way! Then why not leverage the power of internet by starting a business blog? No excuses allowed. This is a channel for free marketing and more-

1) It Shows Leadership–  A good leader leverages all opportunities to communicate with their clients, potential clients, and the community in general. A blog lets you share your thoughts on a regular basis and is a reflection of your personal values.small business blog

2) Get Feedback– A blog allows your customers to communicate with you. It helps you understand and address their issues in a direct and relevant manner. Big corporations spend millions of dollars to figure out what their customers think about them. Here is your chance to learn for free!

3) Establishes Expertise– This is your chance to showcase your expertise without overselling.

4) Humanizes your Brand– Every small business has its story. Its what makes your business unique and allows you to compete with the bigger companies. A business blog allows you to share that story!

5) Media Attention- One month after I helped a client set up a business blog, he got quoted in the Wall Street Journal. A blog allows the media to find you easily and the media is always looking for reliable sources. A blog helps you build yourself as that reliable source.

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  • Kavit

    Hi Shama

    Good to see your blog going strong. This article is a representation of your well-being on the blogosphere. Keep it up.


  • Shama

    Thanks Kavit! I try to practice what I preach. = )

  • Anna Giraldo Kerr

    Hi Shama,
    Blogging is small businesses’ secret weapon. One more reason to have a blog: gives you instant credibility.

    Your blog is awesome. Congratulations!

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