Paid social
advertising is
both an art and
a science.

At Zen Media, we target exactly the right audience and optimize each ad’s performance to give you the most bang for your marketing buck. Not only do we give you a running start, we regularly assess and update our strategy to ensure that you’re staying ahead.

Paid advertising and amplification is all about a strategically integrated effort to deliver the reach and results you want to achieve for your brand. It’s about coupling campaigns and platforms to generate buzz and conversion.

Paid advertising lives at the intersection
of customer and company interests.

Through this interchange between customer and company, we help you carve out a distinctive niche by ensuring you’re visible to those who are already primed to be compelled by and loyal to your brand.

We can also guide you through the end-to-end process, which includes everything from developing owned media to investing in paid media, such as Facebook ads, to reaping the rewards of earned media through a key influencer or loyal customer base of micro-influencers. No step is too big or too small for us to take on. At each threshold, we’ll be intentional and forward-thinking, proactive and responsive. We’ll use metrics such as audience growth rate, return visits to the website, and views and likes as valuable feedback to validate our efforts and inform course-corrections. And we won’t rest until the world knows your name.

When KD College Prep came to us with the desire to build a stronger national presence, we used multiple pay-per-click advertising campaigns in conjunction with a high converting website, a popular blog, SEO, and targeted landing pages to yield a whopping 1,633 percent increase in referrals from social media platforms and a sweet 113 percent increase to their search traffic.

Social media never sleeps, and engaging your audience through this marketing approach is a 24/7 job every day of the year. Tweets, posts, status updates, comments, threads, and more are precious real-time opportunities for you and your brand to connect with, sell, and convert customers. Without the right social community management, you won’t realize the full potential of these opportunities. That’s why at Zen Media, it’s our job to spot, seize and maximize these fleeting opportunities before they fall through the cracks.

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