Event Marketing

Event marketing and experiential marketing are sometimes seen as the same thing. 

However, while experiential marketing is designed to create a two-way engagement with the customer, in which the brand and customer engage in a dialogue, event marketing refers to more traditional one-way events like trade shows, product demos, brand-sponsored conferences, panels, and more. 

Events like these can be critical for businesses, as industry networks are so important to success. So how can you ensure that you’re not only giving potential customers everything they need to choose your brand over your competitor, but also measure your event success?

At Zen, we take a holistic approach to marketing your event, starting from the very beginning.

If you’re putting on a conference, we can handle everything from finding a venue, to booking speakers. If it’s a pop-up product demo, we’ll work with you to find a suitable location and employ the latest marketing technologies, like location-based targeting, to bring people in. 

While your event is happening, we track online mentions and user-generated content, and amplify both to ensure you get the greatest possible reach.  

And we don’t stop once the event is over. Afterward, we analyze the agreed-upon KPIs as well as the event’s digital footprint and hard data like the percent increase in sales, newsletter sign-ups, etc. Our goal is to give you not just a successful event, but a clear idea of why it was successful, and how that can be replicated.

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