The Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging for Your Business

How to successfully execute a blog for your business or corporate website.

The phenomenon of blogging is nothing new in this era of the internet. For many years, everyone from media companies to public individuals have created their own blogs as a way to connect with their audience and share their opinions on a variety of subjects. However, many corporate companies are just starting to catch on to the growing credibility that these blogs could offer them as a communication channel for connecting with their customers.

While you may never have considered writing about your industry or business before, the world of blogging has started to become more and more popular among businesses and corporations. In fact, most businesses that utilize online blogs agree that they achieve a large media effect in a world where news is disseminated and processed very rapidly.

Many reports are also showing that blogs are one of the largest online communication tools out there for businesses that can actually influence public opinion and build credibility for a company. However, despite this fact, a recent list of Fortune 500 company blogs shows that only 5% of the United States’ corporations have joined the blogging arena.

If the idea of blogging still seems like unfamiliar territory to your company or the idea of starting a blog fills you with caution and skepticism, then you are not alone. Luckily, when it comes to blogging, there is no strict set of rules to follow.  However, there are still plenty of do’s and don’ts that you can implement in order to be successful in the world of corporate blogging.

DO Focus On One Set Topic

The first rule of writing is to always focus on what you know.  However, your business blog is also meant to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and promote your company, therefore it should focus on matters that are related to your business. You don’t want to confuse your audience by writing about something completely unrelated to your industry, or writing about personal topics. In order to make your blog the go-to source for content in your field, give your readers the content they want and expect.

DON’T Over Promote Your Business

When it comes down to it, your company blog is just another form of marketing and a way to mention your products and services. However, don’t overdo it by only focusing on selling yourself or overly promoting your products. Offering genuine, valuable content will not only gain you more trust from your readers, but it will keep them coming back for more if they believe that you are not simply looking for a way to sell products.

DO Encourage A Two-Sided Conversation

One mistake that many people often make when creating a blog is that they do not care about engaging their readers. For instance, they look at their blog as simply an SEO tool and do not offer any call-to-action throughout their posts. However, a conversation is essential for successful blogging. Therefore, engage your audience and ask your readers to post comments or answer questions throughout the post in order to get the conversation started.

DON’T Produce A Wall Of Text

You can have a large amount of quality content or information on your blog. However, if you do not have any images, media or videos that draw in the interest of your readers, everyone is going to scroll right past your posts. Illustrating your blog posts is a great way to break up the wall of text on your blog page and provide a little variety for your readers.

Do you have any other blogging do’s and don’ts that every business should know? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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  • Oliver Tausend

    Hi Rilee,

    thanks for sharing your insights about business blogging.

    It gives me a chuckle when I read that everyone has created their blogs…I know it holds true in the United States, but certainly not here in Europe – yet.

    There’s a blogosphere, yes, but certainly not a blogging culture which is negatively reflected in the lack of mutual sharing and mutual linking, to only name two examples.

    With that being said, we haven’t talked about corporations and companies yet !

    Chances are they have issues with your recommendations such as being open and transparent and encouraging a two-sided communication – on either side of the Atlantic.

    However, there’s no alternative to following your advice.

    Have a great weekend ahead


  • Tiffany Brown

    Rilee – I enjoyed your blog post and I fully agree with your points. I’m surprised that only 5% of US corporations are blogging!

  • Raj Srivastav

    People will naturally give link to Good content. Its essential for article, blog post, image to be placed on a quality web page that is designed for the limited intention of gathering links from as many unique sources as possible.

  • David D

    Hi Rilee,Very impressive thoughts you’ve posted here. I particularly like that part where you’ve mentioned “DO Encourage A Two-Sided Conversation”. Please feel free to visit my blog

  • Mr. Ruthless

    I recently started a blog, but I’ve heard that blogging isn’t as relevant as it once was? Is there any validity to this statement? I hope it’s not true, because that means I’m giving and taking bad advice. Personally, I think blogging is an excellent way to communicate advice and build an audience.

  • Ornella @ Moneylicious

    Blogging is another form of communication. I’ve learned it has helped me connect with other bloggers and building a relationship surrounded by a small community.

    Blogging is not about promoting your business, rather it can give a personal touch to a company. It doesn’t have to be just about industry news.

  • Stanley Rao

    Good and Excellent information provided .. and i agree with the aspect of the blogging culture.

  • Biz Proctor

    @Mr. Ruthless, Blogging is the great way of communication with your audience. If you are blogging with interesting topic and useful posts then audience will automatically comes to you. So you can promote your business as well as personal touch.

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