• Why Your Content Isn’t Good Enough

    We’re sorry to be the ones to have to tell you the cold, hard, unvarnished truth, but truth it is: your content just isn’t good enough. You may be writing your heart out every single day. You may have found your brand’s ideal voice – whether it’s witty, professional, warm, sarcastic, or something else entirely. You may be researching topics late into the night, and then spending hours crafting the perfect headlines to grab people’s attention. Heck, you may even have taken a course or two on how to write blogs, learning all the nitty-gritty about how to structure your sentences to make them more effective. But even after all that, we’re here to tell you. Your content still isn’t good enough. Why’s that, you may ask? Well, let’s take a step back for a moment. What’s the purpose of content? Of course, everyone knows the answer to that, right? To inform, to help, to build trust and credibility and authority, to convert….right? Nope. The main purpose of content is to be read. OK, now you’re rolling your eyes, but it’s true, isn’t it? If your content is never read, it’ll never have a chance to inform, or build authority,…

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  • 11 Content Marketing Tips For Driving Conversions

    A solid online marketing strategy is one that takes into consideration the need to attract leads, nurture relationships with those leads, and then convert them into sales. Most businesses have different online marketing activities in place for each step of this sales process, from social media marketing efforts geared towards attracting an online audience, and email marketing efforts meant to deepen those relationships, to a website built to close the deal. While many of these companies also use content marketing as an integral part of their overall strategy, it’s important to have a content marketing plan in place that includes writing fresh content specifically for each step of the sales process. Guiding leads through the sales funnel using content boosts the effectiveness of any social media or email marketing efforts exponentially. So how can your business craft content so compelling that it could attract, nurture, and convert leads all on its own, even without the help of other marketing activities? We’ve assembled some tips to get you started. 1. Focus on writing content that will be found by search engines. Use SEO keyword research to come up with blog topics that people are searching for. But don’t stop there. As…

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  • What Is High-Quality Content?

    With the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm, many businesses are asking themselves how they can tweak their current online marketing strategies in order to stay in news feeds and on consumers’ minds. One of the biggest takeaways from Facebook’s latest announcements is that links to high-quality content will be given preferential placement over images and posts that don’t include links. This simple statement has set the stage for an explosion of content in the world of online marketing. Content marketing was incredibly important before, but now it’s an absolute imperative. Garnering Facebook engagement via memes or even via genuine conversations with your audience will no longer be a viable option, if your posts don’t involve links to high-quality content. But therein lies the problem. What exactly is “high-quality content?” Or more to the point, what does Facebook think high-quality content is? Other than telling us that they want to become their users’ go-to source for news, Facebook gives no specific guidelines as to what they consider high-quality. This is no Google algorithm change, packaged with advice to help marketers understand the new system. Marketers are on their own here, and will have to go through a process of trial and…

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  • Using Earned Media To Promote Your Content

    Okay, you’ve got a blog. And you publish amazing content on that blog. You keep it fresh by posting two or three times a week, at least. You use keywords, meta tags, interlinking – the whole shebang. So why isn’t anyone reading it? You’re doing everything right as far as creating that content. The problem is that you’re spending all your time on creation…and none on promotion. Of course you have to pay attention to things like keywords, and provide fresh, useful content on a regular basis, or else Google won’t even give your site a second glance. But online marketing is always evolving, and more and more, it’s becoming necessary to promote your content through outreach and earned media, as well. What is earned media? It’s media that you don’t own, like your company blog or social media accounts, and that you don’t pay for, like an ad. Media is earned by producing great content, and then getting a respected third party to share that content. And it’s the process of getting that third party to share that makes up the all-important promotion necessary to get your content in front of readers. So how can you get your content…

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  • How to Use Big Content in Your Online Marketing Strategy

    We’ve all heard it said countless times: Content is king. In the world of online marketing, providing useful content is the very best way to build an audience and then connect with them, to build credibility for your brand, and even to drive conversions. So if your average, everyday, useful content is such an important part of your online marketing strategy, then doesn’t it logically follow that big content would be even better? First of all, let’s define our terms. Regular content includes blog posts, informational webpages, articles…any text that provides useful information for your audience. It’s usually posted to your site several times a week, and each fresh installment is promoted through social media or email. Big content, on the other hand, includes white papers, eBooks, and webinars. Big content takes a lot more time to produce – anywhere from days to months – and its release is usually promoted much more aggressively than that of a twice-weekly blog post. The key here is not to take an either-or approach to the use of big content vs. regular content. Both have their place and their uses in your online marketing strategy. Regular blog posts or brand new articles are…

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