• How To Increase Your Company’s Blog Traffic by 2587%

    Okay, okay, we know. 2587%?! Where on earth did that number come from? And how in the world can it be possible to boost blog traffic by such a ridiculous percentage? We’re sure you’ve seen the posts from marketing gurus across the web… How I increased my blog traffic by X%…. How our company boosted blog traffic by X visitors per month in only X days… So what we here at Zen Media have done is simply put together a list of those marketing gurus’ secrets and advice, so that you can find them all in one place, and put them all to use in driving traffic to your own business blog. Using a super-scientific formula and a little pixie dust, we added up all the numbers from each guru, and voila! 2587%!    Here’s the thing. Blogs are the cornerstone of a company’s content marketing strategy.  Each blog post that you’re able to create and publish is another mechanism that will help draw in both current and prospective customers. For small and medium sized companies, blogging might seem like an unnecessary part of running a business. On top of all of the other operational activities, business owners might be…

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  • 4 Blogging Myths Debunked

    By now, most of the business world has recognized the benefits of having a company blog.  Blogs can help bring traffic to your website, promote new ideas and events, and can give your company a human voice that customers can connect with. There is plenty of helpful tips out there, but there are also many misconceptions about blogging. Here are four common myths about blogging, debunked to help guide you on your quest for an effective blog. Myth #1: If You Blog it, They Will Come You’ve set up a blog. You’re filling it with valuable, interesting content. You even put a link to your blog on your website. The readers should come rolling in, right? Not likely. You wouldn’t open a brand new retail store on a side street and rely on foot traffic to support your store; you’d advertise and create marketing promotions. Treat your blog the same way, using techniques such as search engine optimization and social media marketing to help readers discover your blog. Myth #2: SEO is All About Quantity There’s no denying that blog content written with search engine optimization in mind is an essential key to increasing search engine ranking, targeting the readers…

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  • Why you must start with a WELL-ENGAGING, WELL-CONVERTING WEBSITE – Part 1 of 2

    So many times, we have clients who want to jump into social media, which is great because social media marketing definitely works. BUT…there are a few components you have to have in place before diving in head first. The very FIRST PRIORITY and MOST IMPORTANT TOOL in your toolbox when marketing online is your website. Just “having” a website is not good enough. You must have a well-engaging, well-converting website. You have to remember that when it all boils down to it, one of the main reasons we market on various online networks is to DRIVE TRAFFIC TO OUR WEBSITE. So it is imperative that when people get there, that the site engages them to convert in some form or fashion. We don’t want all of our efforts in driving people to our website to result in them just hitting the back button. What good does that do? Let’s first address what a conversion is. A conversion is when a visitor takes a call to action. They essentially take a step to consume your information. Conversions could be: Subscribing to your blog RSS. Downloading free report/signing up for your newsletter. Following you on Twitter “Liking” you on Facebook Connecting with…

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