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  • 7 Tips For Successful B2B Blogs

    Blogs are an important part of any online marketing strategy, and getting your blog noticed can be difficult. It can also be hard to make sure that your B2B, or business to business, blog posts are successfully aimed and draw in the correct audience. In fact, successful blog posts can be particularly difficult since sometimes it requires more than content for great content marketing. However, there are some common characteristics that B2B blog posts have that can make your B2B posts successful. Read on to learn these seven tips! 1. Always incorporate media. Too many B2B blogs are focused on getting solid content, so they publish text-only blogs. This is boring, even to other business people. Incorporating photos, graphs, and videos will make your blog much more visually interesting and will increase the chances of having return readers. 2. Post regularly. This does apply to all blog posts. How can you expect to build a solid readership base if you post irregularly? Blog regularly, and set up a schedule to help you maintain that regular blogging. Keep to that schedule! But don’t just make up content in order to meet your schedule. You always want to provide you readers with…

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  • Five Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed

    Often when you first begin a blog, it requires a lot of hard work and quality content to build a regular readership that is consistent and interactive. However, on top of this, you must still promote your blog in order to get a larger number of views. You want to be noticed in order to build traffic and gain followers. Don’t let the fight between SEO and content mess up your ability to get your blog noticed. To get noticed, you have to be willing to try new things, and you can’t ever stop trying new things. Keep up the great content and promote your blog. Read on to learn the seven ways you can get your blog noticed. 1)  Solve a Problem: Make sure that your blog posts solve problems that your reader might be having. This adds value to your reader’s lives and makes them want to check on your blog more often to see what other pieces of advice you might have. Solving a particular problem of your readers consistently is an easier way to build traffic to you r site. Additionally, solving the problems of your particular readers creates a great opportunity for you to show…

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