SOBCon ’08- Biz School for Bloggers

By: Shama Hyder

My friend and colleague Liz Strauss is doing it again! She is hosting the conference of the year for bloggers who want to get to the next level. Here is what they are saying:

Part seminar, part conference, part deep networking event, SOBCon08 is even more about YOU!
We’re bringing back what you valued last year, and we’re adding more depth, more coverage, more opportunities. Take a look inside. Here’s some of what’s at SOBCon08 for you this year.

  • Enjoy Entertainment & Open Comment Night
    before the information flow begins.
  • Build an actionable plan of working models
    presented by experts
    who use them.
  • Share ideas and forge working relationships through the unique integrated team-based approach.
  • Show your expertise in the speedspeaking event
    that invites attendees to present their best practices.
  • Be part of the most incredible group of participants any conference has ever known.

They are calling it, Biz School for Bloggers. It’s good to know the business of running a great blog whether you blog for money or entertainment. Check the schedule. No term papers are required.

Whether for love or money, if you blog for readers or community, you’re in the business of blogging. This conference can help you achieve your goals, faster with more confidence, and more predictably.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here.


If I know Liz, she is going to make this an unforgettable event!


I won’t be there personally due to previous client engagements, but I am hoping you guys will let me know how awesome it was.

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  • Vicky

    Sounds like a very informative and fun event. Wish I lived closer. Maybe next time.

  • Shama

    Hi Vicky,

    It’s going to be a blast. I am recommending it to all my blogger clients.

Thank you for signing up!

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