Social Strategy and Management

Each client represents a unique brand with unique needs that require a customized approach for a perfect fit. Whether your goal is to expand your brand’s reach, skyrocket engagement, boost customer loyalty or acquire new leads, we have the know-how to make it happen. Our proven strategies and data-driven, creative-centric social media management get you the results you want. We do the market research and the analytics, handle the heavy lifting, and plant and tend the seeds. Your job? Get ready for new waves of friends, followers, and customers.

Our social strategy management consists of three steps: listening, researching, and optimizing. We begin by listening because this process is about you, your goals, your followers, and your brand. Once we’ve gotten a clear sense of your vision, we research your industry, competitors, and audience. Through sophisticated analytics and time-tested tactics, we clarify what will work for you and why, and formulate a winning strategy to differentiate you from your competitors and optimize your reach. Not only do we use state-of-the-art tools and best practices for implementing a customized plan, but we also have the agility to spot emergent opportunities for you to shine. This means we spring into action to identify and leverage emergent and real-time trends that translate into social media gold for your brand.  

When Dippin’ Dots found itself on the receiving end of President Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s Twitter rants about how it was NOT the ice cream of the future, we seized the opportunity to turn a parody-provoking news story and potential brand liability to Dippin’ Dots advantage. In a case of creative-centric strategy that paid data-validated dividends, we positioned Dippin’ Dots as the good-humored, patriotic, fun-loving host of the viral social media party by offering the White House an old-fashioned ice cream social. Without spending a dime on paid advertising, we earned Dippin Dots more coverage than a Super Bowl ad.

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