Social Community Management (Proactive & Reactive)

Social media never sleeps, and engaging your audience through this marketing approach is a 24/7 job every day of the year. Tweets, posts, status updates, comments, threads, and more are precious real-time opportunities for you and your brand to connect with, sell, and convert customers. Without the right social community management, you won’t realize the full potential of these opportunities. That’s why at Zen Media, it’s our job to spot, seize and maximize these fleeting opportunities before they fall through the cracks.

Your brand’s budding relationships need to be fostered in real time with foresight, friendliness, creativity, and care. Our resident social and digital media marketing geniuses track and respond to every message and comment to cultivate relationships of trust by ensuring your followers feel heard and valued.

Engaging this way catalyzes the reciprocity that is the hallmark of authentic relationships, and your followers will respond in kind with high levels of engagement that offer invaluable opportunities for your brand to learn how to better serve them. This growing mutuality and ongoing conversation supplies the fuel and drives the momentum of the most trusted and top-performing brands.

There are two sides of social community management: a proactive side and a reactive side. Being proactive means planning campaigns, anticipating connections, and targeting specific demographics. Being reactive involves turning real-time opportunities into assets. News stories, celebrity trends, and even customer complaints can be appropriated to shine a spotlight on your brand’s agility and consumer-centric values.

When Haggar wanted to reach Generation Y without alienating its loyal base of Baby Boomers, we amped up its digital platforms and provided customer support for its new recruits. In tandem with some other carefully chosen strategies, our efforts yielded a 450 percent increase in their Twitter mentions. You can’t argue with those kinds of results.


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