Influencer Marketing & Market Research

Think about who you know and what you know. Combine the two, and you’ll find yourself in the prime position for customer conversion.

Here’s the thing: influencer marketing and b2b influencer marketing are do-or-die propositions in the digital world and can be the difference between your brand being merely a competitive player and a winning industry leader that’s rewriting the rules of the game.

Whether you need a product review campaign or a comprehensive visibility campaign, we are ready and available to help. We’ll research and engage influencers whose target demographics line up with your desired target audience and initiate conversations. We’ll connect your brand with the influencers in your industry, from celebrities to popular Instagrammers to respected online publications to achieve astounding and enduring results. We’ll even act as a liaison between your company and the influencer, ensuring that all details of your latest campaign are understood and incorporated.

Throughout the process, we keep your audience in mind and pinpoint and map the locations of your most densely concentrated followers. This can mean partnering with a popular YouTube star, writing a post for an established publication, crafting an intriguing infographic, or even showcasing your company as an industry thought leader in major media outlets. Wherever your audience is, we’ll meet them. And we’ll continually track the progress of your influencer marketing campaign to generate actionable feedback to iteratively inform next steps.

When the mobile game Cooking Fever wanted to raise brand awareness, we recruited Khloé Kardashian, Logan Paul, and Rachel Levin as promoters. Together with contests, giveaways, and new digital images, these prominent influencers catalyzed a stratospheric 359 percent spike in Cooking Fever’s organic reach. To add to that, we recorded a 397 percent increase in the brand’s Facebook audience with 8 million video views and thousands of additional downloads.

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