Experiential Marketing

At Zen Media, we’re passionate about designing physical spaces and experiences that make the connected consumer fall in love with your brand. We believe that the connected consumer brings a distinct set of design expectations, and brands that want to reach these consumers are dependent on a dynamic combination of digital outreach and physical activation. That’s where Zen Media’s expertise at experiential marketing comes in.

At the Chase for Business Conference, we took an inventory of attendees’ needs and aimed to empower them through education about best practices in digital and social media marketing. This included setting up shop at our Social Media Genius Bar where we supported business owners one-on-one through exploring how they could leverage social media to give their business a greater competitive advantage.

Our Social Media Genius Bar was a huge hit and offered valuable learning experiences and enjoyable networking opportunities for everyone involved. The success of the event told us their businesses were hungry for this kind of face-to-face support and that we needed to create more opportunities to inspire, educate and empower them. This is how the Chase BizMobile was born.

The Chase BizMobile is a deliberate demonstration of customer-centric experiential marketing that powerfully combines digital outreach and physical activation. It literally meets businesses where they are and provides digital media consultations that take them where they want to go. It’s powered by the mission to connect small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to the expertise they need, whether that be digital marketing or access to capital.

Through this commitment to walking its talk, we helped Chase for Business innovatively transcend traditional approaches to banking and authenticate itself as a trusted partner and advocate for advancing connected consumers’ education and success.

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