Content Marketing – Strategy, Development, Distribution

If you want to be perceived as an authoritative voice in your industry’s key conversations, you have to show that you’re informed, forward-thinking, insightful, articulate, and passionate. At Zen Media, we combine these traits to create viral content that garners tens of millions of views and widespread media coverage—all in a matter of hours. Our expert writers can compose and curate relevant, relatable content that will amplify your brand’s reach on social media, boost your web traffic, and ultimately, convert more customers. Depending on your preference, we can take the lead in amplifying your voice and message or embark on a more collaborative approach.

Our Zen Media content marketing team works closely with our social media and influencer outreach teams to bring extensive knowledge of SEO trends and best practices to your comprehensive content marketing solution. This results in a synergistic approach that not only covers all your bases but also ensures you get maximum mileage out of every piece of content by guaranteeing it’s seen in optimal contexts. We can even craft full campaigns around a single blog post or content asset, using every tool and trick at our disposal to center your brand in the digital spotlight. Clients that leverage our content marketing services achieve higher conversions, increased search traffic, expanded media coverage, a boosted Google search ranking, and greater recognition as thought leaders.

For our client, Beverly Hills Aesthetics, we implemented a b2b content marketing blog that brought together serious women’s issues and fun celebrity gossip, providing a rich resource and hub for women in the area. The blog, in conjunction with a high converting website and an updated Pay Per Click campaign, proved incredibly successful with a 200 percent boost in qualified traffic to their website, a 108 percent increase in consultation requests, and a 110-person increase in monthly leads.

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