Zen Media’s Top Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

Another year comes to a close today – but before the ball drops in Times Square, we wanted to bid adieu to 2014 by sharing the most popular digital marketing advice we dispensed this year. The following are the top ten most visited of this year’s Zen Media blog posts.

  1. 21 Common Questions About Social Media Marketing Answered
  2. Social media marketing took center stage this year with businesses searching for the most effective ways to spread the word about their products and services on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. The key to success in this arena? Relationship building rather than self promotion.

  3. A Blog’s Not Just a Blog: The Evolution of Content Marketing
  4. Content marketing is the new buzzword in the digital marketing industry, and with good cause – SEO, social media, email, and outreach all hinge on the creation of original, compelling, strategic content. Yet content marketing is still misunderstood and undervalued by many. We act as cheerleaders for content in this heartfelt post.

  5. But My Website Is Already Optimized: The Importance Of Ongoing SEO
  6. SEO is constantly evolving, and so marketers must constantly adapt their strategies in order to keep up. This blog post explains why SEO can never be a one-and-done endeavor, but instead has to be an ongoing, vital process.

  7. Social Media Marketing Tips for the Changing Digital Landscape
  8. 2014 was a year of many changes in the world of digital marketing, from dramatic algorithm changes to shifts in focus on methods. Social media marketing was no exception, and this post expounds on the best ways to handle all the changes in that arena.

  9. Social Media Statistics: Marketing Is Still A Numbers Game
  10. Want the hard data on social media marketing’s effectiveness? So did just about everyone else this year! CMOs everywhere are taking a closer look at the ROI provided by their online marketing activities, so we did, too.

  11. Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Infuriates Online Marketers
  12. The popularity of this post could be attributed to its inflammatory title…which was rather, ahem, shall we say, misleading, since this was, after all, our April Fool’s Day post. It was a fun way to scare the heck out of everyone, though!

  13. 21 Common Questions About Email Marketing Answered
  14. Email marketing never seems to get the credit it deserves – but the hunger for information about it is definitely there, as is evidenced by the popularity of this post. We share the most important information businesses need in order to achieve email marketing success.

  15. Facebook Marketing Gold: New Call-to-Action Buttons For Ads and Posts
  16. Facebook may have made some unpopular changes this past year, but it also gave marketers a few little gems to add to their repertoire. This post details one of them.

  17. A Valentine’s Day Love Letter…To Online Marketing
  18. Another holiday post, this one is pure silliness – and yet, so true. All of us here at MZ love what we do, and that definitely comes through in this teenage angst-ridden love letter we penned to online marketing.

  19. 7 No-Sweat Ways To Write Fantastic Content – Even If You Hate Writing

There must be a pretty big contingency of marketers out there who dislike writing, because this post was a hit! But you don’t have to hate writing to make use of the methods we explained here – they can help anyone generate great content easily. Check it out to start brainstorming for 2015!

As you prepare for the festivities tonight, we hope you take a few moments to get a head start on your marketing strategies for next year by browsing through our most popular blog posts of 2014. Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us here at Zen Media!

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