Public Relations for Professional Services Providers

Professional services companies vary across industries but share the same role in providing expertise, authority, and specialized knowledge for clients to achieve their goals. This industry allows its customers to focus on core business concerns while supporting business operations, including accounting, IT support, consulting, and legal services, to name a few. For an industry integrated with multiple sectors, these companies need a strong PR roadmap to continue taking up space.


Telling your story

The professional services industry is one of the largest growing markets in the U.S. Its unique nature creates management and leadership challenges that many other companies do not face and can be difficult to confirm the value of since it’s not physical goods. The value resides in their services, not physical products.

Your buyers can’t see or touch the value you provide to their businesses, but the right PR marketing strategy can continue attracting new consumers, closing more leads, and boosting your bottom line. As your professional services team are specialists in certain sectors, the professionals at Zen Media are specialists in expanding our client’s brand identity, reputation, and audience.


PR for Professional Services Providers

Our comprehensive PR strategies work to identify your key differentiators to show consumers why your company is the best resource. Secured press hits within podcasts, articles, fireside chats, etc. will increase your brand awareness, attracting new investors and clients alike.

Content Marketing for Professional Services Providers

Our full-service content marketing team positions our clients as thought leaders to increase industry authority and amplify your message. With a strong understanding of SEO and SEM, our writers can ensure that your content reaches your target audience.

Social Media Strategy for Professional Services

A social media strategy builds trust among existing and prospective consumers and allows you to engage with them directly. The more your audience is aware of your social presence, the higher your chance of converting those followers to real clients.

case studies

Averaged 9.57M unique visitors per month, 235 social media shares, and more than 36K journalist views and 12 targeted […]
Secured 600 press release pickups and earned 31.4k estimated views and an audience reach of 103M. […]
Gained over 1,300 new followers and 160k impressions and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter […]

We’ve worked together for 3 years. It’s been an absolutely phenomenal partnership. We went from 7 leads to a month to over 100 leads a month, and what’s really amazing about these leads is that they are qualified leads versus the tire kickers we used to get. I’ve worked for more than 30 years in business with all kinds of vendors. I can’t recommend anyone more than Zen.

Malcolm Gilvar,

VP, The Trade Group

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